Meri Brown Catfish Scandal Recap: Join Us for LIVE ‘Sister Wives’ Finale Chat Tonight

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Sister Wives_Meri looking on and Catfish Jackie

Sister Wives wraps it’s regular season tonight, and as we wave goodbye to the Brown cul-de-sac, we say hello to the long awaited spin on a scandal that threatens to sink this reality show. All About the Tea exposed Meri Brown’s secret con-artist lover, and extensively covered the catfish scandal from discovery, to where we sit today. 

We want to invite you all to LIVE-CHAT during the episode tonight, airing at 9 pm ET. The links below outline the story, and serve as a refresher course for anyone who may need a brush-up. 

 Meet Jackie Overton, and the basic sketchy dynamic that was underway during the filming of Season 6.

 Read and discover how we learned that the relationship was indeed turning romantic, between Meri and “Sam.”

 Jackie outs herself as a catfish lover scorned, and threatens to expose details of the tawdry affair, as the social media chatter grows louder.

Batman Sam kicks off his blog diatribes, gushing scorned lover memories, and telling “his” side of the messy affair.

“Sam” drops an explosive bomb by releasing voicemails, and love letters.  The voice is unmistakably Meri’s, and the messages reveal that a genuine love affair indeed occurred.

A source comes forward, claiming a conversation with Overton, proves an alleged double identity.  “Sam” claims that Meri was set to leave her family, due to their true and passionate love. 

“Sam” releases more voicemails and photos, and the infamous banana makes it’s debut

Did Meri ever meet her catfish lover?  The answer is YES, and we have photo proof that Meri spent time with her beloved, without knowing that Overton was indeed “Samuel.”

“Sam” is invited to a Facebook discussion where “he” answers fan questions.  “Sam” drops the bomb that he and Meri did the deed, and even claims that a sex tape exists.  Such a tape has not surfaced.

Why was Meri vulnerable to the elaborate, romantic scam?  Read why Meri Brown’s personal history made her prime catfish bait.

Meri Brown caves to public pressure, finally breaks her silence, and confesses to the fishy love affair.

New voicemails are released, and one implies that Meri actually met “Sam” in the 6’6” flesh.  The nature of their sexual relationship continues to be hotly debated.

We shine a spotlight on the Browns and TLC, for not releasing the identity of the con who scammed their beloved “Sister Wife.” Overton is believed to have scammed several other victims.

All About the Tea exclusively releases new scandalous photos, to drop-jawed viewers.

Robyn Brown is implicated as an alleged player in the ruse.  It remains unclear as to what role key insiders played, in the messy scam.

Did Meri, a technically divorced woman, actually cheat?  Read how her own professed beliefs answer that very relevant question.

“Sam” reveals how the affair began.

“Sam” begins to defend himself, and vehemently deny the allegation that he is a female, cat-fishing con.

“Sam” continues to blather, and now claims that Meri spilled tea about the inside dynamics of the Brown clan.

We dissect released messages that “Sam” claims are between him and Meri.  Manipulative prose reveals how “Sam’s” sweet talk proved effective.

Meri admits to sexual “intimacy” as well as a desire to have “Sam’s” baby, via recorded voicemails.  “Sam” continues to dish insider dirt about the filming period of Sister Wives.

Meri reveals that she was planning to leave Kody, and run off with her secret shady lover. 

How and why do sociopaths target women like Meri, and how did “Sam” use emotional head games to keep Meri begging for attention?

Meri Brown’s changed demeanor has been obvious this season.  We flash back, and break down why Meri was likely profoundly affected by the divorce.   

Online rumors are running rampant, and one believable scenario accuses Kody of taking invasive measures to monitor Meri’s online activity.

While most believe that “Sam” is female, is there a way that an actual man could be in the tawdry mix?

A family source reached out to All About the Tea, and claimed that “Lindsay” and “Sam,” aka Jackie, is threatening to release Brown family secrets, if Meri denies the “truth” of the affair.

How will TLC spin the saga, and what carefully crafted story will they tell?  The show needs to be saved, and the polygamist cause needs their most famous crusading warriors.

Invite your fellow snarkers and join us on this thread during the episode, and to rehash the plural mess afterwards!  See you then!   


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