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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s Catfish Lover Threatens To Expose Explosive Secrets

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Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, is finally being forced to face her fans, after being caught in a tawdry affair, with an online poser. TLC’s spin on a scandal that swallowed the season, and blew the happy facade off the Browns’ reality, is scheduled to air this Sunday. 

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Jackie Overton, as “Samuel Cooper,” continues to blog away her blues, posting quirky photos, as follow-ups to the embarrassing barrage of exposed voicemails from Meri Brown. We have now exclusively learned that “Sam” is threatening to release more damaging evidence, if TLC’s narrative is not to his liking.

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An involved member of the extended Brown family, reached out to All About the Tea, to spill that “Sam,” aided by “Lindsay,” is wired to expose more sordid details of the secret romance. In addition, our source tells us that Meri trusted “Lindsay,” and spilled many family secrets to the imaginary assistant. 

“Meri was really good friends with her (Lindsay/Jackie)  She told her everything, she really did. Everything that Lindsay/Jackie is saying is real stuff.  Meri trusted this woman enough to spill her guts to her…and not as “Sam,” as HER. She has her own set of messages from Meri. This woman has so much information in her back pocket.”

The source goes on to claim that “Sam” is waiting to see how the show spins the affair, and if TLC’s take does not align with “his truth,” he is going to further expose Meri as a liar. “Lindsay” spoke to our source, and shared their game plan. 

“Lindsay said that Sam is dating this girl Peyton, and they aren’t talking much about “Sister Wives’ stuff right now. They are waiting to see how it’s discussed on the show, and see what Meri has to say.  If she goes with the catfish story, then they plan to come out and share more info, pictures, and put the truth out there.”

Could Jackie/Lindsay/Sam be bluffing? Absolutely. However, there are a few gaps in the numbered voicemails. The most significant blank was tagged at the end of June, around the time of the supposed Utah trip. This period produced the voicemail that most pointed to a physical rendezvous, during Meri and “Sam’s” six month affair. Overton surely could have manipulated the order, but the blank spots could prove significant, as the details shake out.  Do you think that there is more dirt out there….or is Batman bluffing?   


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