EXCLUSIVE: Inside Robyn Brown’s Scandalous Catfish Plot To Remove Meri Brown From The Family

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Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, has broken her silence, and now that the catfish is officially out of the bag, the theories are raging all over social media.  Commonly heard banter questions Robyn Brown’s connection to the whole slippery case. 

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Did Robyn know that Kody Brown’s former #1 was canoodling with an online con-artist, and did she even have a player in the seedy game? Controversial Facebook Sister Wives defender, Kendra Pollard-Parra, is also in the mix, which further raises suspicions about  Kody’s new and knocked-up #1, Robyn Brown.  Why would Robyn want Meri out of the picture? All About the Tea reported an insider’s take, way back in February, during the divorce brouhaha.

“Robyn, supposedly sick of Meri holding the ‘first wife/legal wife’ position over her head, demanded that Kody choose between she and Meri.  Robyn allegedly took it a step further and actually moved out for a few days, which triggered a desperate Kody to promise her that he would divorce Meri and marry her, to prove his undying love and loyalty.”

Robyn has an alleged history of wanting Meri pushed out of the crowded Brown family portrait. Kendra Pollard-Parra  becomes friendly with the family, and grows especially cozy with Robyn. She appears on an episode of the show, and was professionally tied to the Browns via their online boutique, Sister Wives Closet.

Kendra meeting Robyn in SF_SisterWives

This period was early 2014, a little over a year before Meri began her romance with “Sam Cooper,” aka, Jackie Overton.  Kendra’s Twitter account reveals a growing relationship with the family, as the Browns journey toward the divorce and marriage whammy, in late 2014. Kendra is seen exercising tyrannical social media practices, “bullying” those who dare speak out against her beloved polygamous bunch, most vehemently defending her bestie, Robyn.  In March of 2015, Meri and “Sam” start up,   and a few months later, Kendra reveals her involvement, when she references “Lindsay,” “Sam’s” assistant, and another of Jackie’s identities.

Kendra tweeting batman_Sister Wives

Kendra explains how she became involved in the complicated web, and how her supposed belief in  “Sam Cooper’s” identity began. 

Sister Wives_Kendra's comments from group_Sister Wives

In late August, Meri and “Sam” broke it off, and during that same period, Kendra began to squabble with Meri. 

Kendra attacking Meri tweet_Sister Wives

Meri tweet to Kendra_Sister Wives

Kendra attacking Meri tweet_Sister Wives

All About the Tea broke the “Catfish” story a few weeks later, and the craziness kicked into high gear, when Kendra joined forces with “Sam” to convince the online community that Meri’s secret lover existed.  The season had begun, and Robyn and Meri’s Twitter accounts deadened, while Christine, Janelle, and Kody continued to tweet away.

Sam_Catfish Tweets about Kendra_SisterWives

Sam's QandA in Kendra's group_SisterWives

Kendra comment from group_Sister Wives

Sister Wives

Was Kendra somehow being fooled, right along with Meri?  One blurry screenshot answers that question.

Tension is high for the Browns and TLC, because the season is in full swing, and Meri’s revealing countenance has been anything but content.  She even recently cosigned a tweet, which labeled her whole reported reason for divorcing Kody, nothing but “an underhanded trick.”

Sister Wives_Meri Brown_Catfish

Obviously, there is no love lost between Robyn and Meri, no matter what the Browns try to sell a sappy TLC audience.  Did Robyn know, and are her royal hands dirty? All About the Tea dropped this bomb on September 13th, the premiere day of the currently airing season of Sister Wives. Robyn Brown’s last tweet to date was posted September 13th.  You make the call. 


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