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EXCLUSIVE: #SisterWives Catfish Lover Claims To Have Made a Sex Tape With Meri Brown

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Meri Browns Catfish

The screws are tightening on the cast of TLC’s Sister Wives, and a network that refuses to address a raging, social media wildfire of accusations. 

Allegedly Meri Brown was embroiled in an online affair with prolific catfish, Jackie Overton, posing as 42-year old, handsome business tycoon, “Sam Cooper. “Sam” has backed up his story with convincing voicemails, accessorized with love letters, romantic photos, and vividly written descriptions of a passionate love affair that crashed and burned. You can listen to all the voicemails here.

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On Wednesday, “Sam” went on a Facebook rampage. He was invited by a private Sister Wives Facebook group ran by Kendra Pollard-Parra to answer questions, and dish dirt about his hot affair, that almost led Meri Brown to abandon her “spiritual husband,” Kody Brown, and her “sister wives.” Jackie’s identity was shady, but her details were clear as a bell, and the million dollar question was asked, answered, and then some. “Sam” is alleging a sexual relationship with Meri Brown, and not a darkened virtual rendezvous, through a computer screen. 

Sam Cooper's Facebook Q&A

Jackie may be a female, but “Sam” is playing hardball, claiming that a sex tape is in the seedy mix.  This devious exhibition is treading into dangerous territory, and exposing Meri appears to be the goal.   

 Sister Wives_Sam Cooper Facebook Q&A

“Sam” is insisting that his truth must be told, and the catfish lightly veiled a threat, in one of his responses to a Facebook poster.   

In our September 28th report, “Sam” (Catfish Jackie) posted a shocking voicemail and provocative photos of Meri which makes the claims of a sex tape seem somewhat likely.

The provocative photos, also served as further proof that Meri was indeed involved in some sort of sexual affair with “Sam,” aka Jackie Overton.

SW_Meri_Sex Tape Collage

This staggering ride continues, with no end in sight.  Stay tuned. 


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