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#SisterWives Divorce Fallout: PROOF Meri Brown Was The Target of a Catfish Scam

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Sister Wives_Meri and Robyn_Catfish plot
It was over eight months ago, when a Sister Wives insider came forward to All About the Tea, ready to dish the dirt on TLC star, Kody Brown’s hush hush wife-swap.  Meri was out, and Robyn was in, but no one could have guessed the crazy fallout that was about to play out.  While the typical viewer was being lulled into believing that Meri was a selfless saint, strangely laying down her legal rights in order for Robyn to assume the Brown throne, our source insisted that an angelic motive was far from the truth. When the covert whammy was uncovered at season’s end, the Browns and TLC quickly scrambled, hawking a story that Robyn’s children desperately needed a legally dubbed, hands-on father. 

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A complicated adoption pursuit was announced, to a stunned audience of viewers.  The children indeed have a father, but Robyn’s ex was and is being labeled as lamely uninvolved, especially compared to Warrior Kody, the cul de sac dream dad. Our source’s story is solidifying by the day, as Meri Brown is publicly exposed in a wildly vivid “catfishing” scandal. Meri’s discontent is spilling over on camera, as she wordlessly speaks, via a strikingly sullen countenance, during her moodily muted sofa interviews. When Meri spoke to Robyn’s children in the first episode, she could barely choke out the news of the divorce, but assured everyone that nothing had changed, and that a “spiritual marriage” remained firmly in tact.  Let’s review what we published, way back on February 2nd. 

“Meri expressed interest in going back to college, and Kody apparently came around and  backed her up in support, which supposedly threw Robyn into a hissy fit because the Kodes wasn’t taking her side in the disagreement.  The upset heated up and lasted for a couple of weeks, and came to a head when Robyn, supposedly sick of Meri holding the ‘first wife/legal wife’ position over her head, demanded that Kody choose between she and Meri.  Robyn allegedly took it a step further and actually moved out for a few days, which triggered a desperate Kody to promise her that he would divorce Meri and marry her, to prove his undying love and loyalty.”

This would have been presumably going down in the late summer of 2014, which is when Kody and Meri filed for divorce. Robyn and Kody married in December of 2014. When we rejoined the Browns this season, the month is February of 2015, despite the deceiving Christmas decor.  According to Meri’s phantom boyfriend, “Sam,” aka Jackie Overton, Meri was deep in the online sea of love a few weeks later, starting up with catfish “Sam” in March.   

Sister Wives_ Catfish

“Meri was reportedly devastated and felt very betrayed, but in her disgust with Kody for even considering such a thing, has had a change of heart and has allegedly emotionally broken off from Kody, claiming to be done with him. She has agreed to hang in there, solely for the family and to fulfill TLC contractual obligations.”

It appears that Meri turned to social media to mend her heart, and quickly hooked the masked whopper. The next six months purportedly changed the course of Meri’s life, landing her where she silently sits today.  Filming was underway, and Meri morphed from a teary Team Brown cheerleader, to a detached, morose mannequin. The only spark we witnessed from Meri during the last episode, was the moment Kody’s luggage was being heaved into her car, as she shooed he and Christine off on an anniversary getaway. This occurred at the end of March. 

Perhaps Meri had a date with her laptop? “Sam Cooper” recently took to Facebook to weigh in on what “he” supposedly observed and/or was told of Kody during this period.  While “he” is indeed a slippery one, his musings do appear painted on Meri’s signature stone-face this season.  Sister Wives_ Catfish post in Kendra's group

“Sam” continued to dish private dirt, about Meri and Kody’s finances, and alleged that Kody said bye bye to Meri’s wet bar, in May.

Sister Wives_Catfish post in Kendra's Group 3

Sister Wives_Catfish post in Kendra's Group 2

“Sam” also claims an on camera code between he and Meri. Maybe catching a glimpse of this will liven up a normally nauseating hour of Sunday night TV?

Sister Wives_Catfish post in Kendra's Group 5

It is assumed that the secret affair ended when it was revealed to Meri that her “Sam” wasn’t a wealthy 42-year old hunk, just a slimy, bottom feeding woman from Oklahoma.  “Sam,” aka Jackie, is still denying a double identity, and asserts that he knows what his lost love’s next move will be. 

Sister Wives_Catfish post in Kendra's Group 4

It also appears that “Sam” isn’t done blasting “his” scorned lover ramblings out for all to see.  Back at the Brown cul de sac, the silence is deafening. 

Sister Wives_Catfish post in Kendra's Group 6

Sister Wives_Catfish post in Kendra's Group 7

A new chapter has been written to the original Brown saga, and what a doozy!  A one sided narrative perhaps, but an intriguingly believable addition!  Stay tuned, because this story isn’t over. 


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