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#SisterWives Meri Brown’s Catfish Lover Exposes Manipulative Seductive Prose In Sister Wives Scam

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Meri-Brown-Catfish and Jackie Overton

Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, continues to weather the public fallout after falling for, and breaking it off with an online catfish scammer. Jackie Overton, aka “Sam Cooper” continues to ramble endlessly via her blog, a lover scorned, seeking to expose the progression of the naughty romance.  “Sam” is releasing dozens of text messages, working to paint a picture of Meri Brown as a straying “wife,” weakening daily as “Sam” reeled her in. While Meri was undoubtedly needy after being cast aside as the legal wife of Kody Brown, text messages reveal that she did weakly resist, as Overton put her through the full court press. 

Meri’s messages reveal nervousness about what she was getting involved in, but apparently the red flags weren’t glaring enough to cut “Sam” off. 

“I want to get to know you too.  I have a lot to lose. Not financially like you do, but I do.”

The couple discussed a planned rendezvous at Disneyland, one that allegedly flopped, with Meri being stood up, and dumped with Jackie, posing as “Sam’s” assistant, Lindsay. Meri warns “Sam,” to watch his choice of words, because her daughter, Mariah, would be along for the trip.

“You won’t say anything besides that we’re friends right?  Because that’s what Mariah will know.  No need to bring flirting into it! Lol! I mean we’ll be cool tomorrow anyway, not like she’s going to be putting anything together.  Just being cautious.”

“Sam” repeatedly responds by reassuring her, while upping the sweet talk.    

“It won’t get out honey.  I love you, I’m your Lancelot.  I will protect us. If something ever comes out, we will blame Janelle…lol.”

The conversation heats up, as Catfish Jackie pushes harder, and really lays  the prose on thick. 

“I sure think you like me, maybe a little?”

“Can I go stand outside your house with a radio over my head tonight?”

“I love you.  You are incredibly sweet.”

Meri responds with weakening confusion, but does nothing to shut down the escalating romantic banter.

“I think just a little.  Such a confusing and conflicting place to be in.  Trying to understand it all.  I like you.”

Jackie heightens the manipulative lingo, and Meri begins to cave to the exciting attention. 

“Meri..I’m underneath the same sky.  Wherever you are.”

“Meri..you want me to kiss you?  You want my lips against yours?”

“You want to feel my body pressed against you?”

“You want to feel my tongue slip past your lips in search of your tongue?”

“Let me hold you. Let me make love to you.”

Meri responds,

“I do, but I can’t”

“This is killing me.  I have never felt like this.”

“it’s fabulous and insane and crazy and so wrong, and so right.”

“I am trembling like a leaf. Not because I’m cold.  I can’t believe you are so close to me right now. 5 minutes.”

“Oh Samuel, that can’t happen.  As much as I know I would love it with you.” 

This dialogue is dated March 6th and 7th, allegedly one week after Meri and “Sam” began their online exchanges. The affair supposedly went on six months, ending presumably when Meri discovered the identity whammy. 

The discourse effectively illustrates how a catfish casanova operates, and why they target emotionally vulnerable women like Meri Brown. Overton is unknowingly showing America her mentally unstable shtick, and Meri Brown provided a spot-on profile and cooperative target.


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