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EXCLUSIVE: Why is Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown and TLC Hiding The Identity of Catfish Scammer?

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Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, has broken her drawn-out silence, admitting to an affair with an online “catfish.” Meri was forced into the light by All About the Tea’s comprehensive coverage of the unfolding story of a “sister wife” duped. 

Meri’s statement was an obvious shot of necessary damage control, a response to overwhelming published evidence, and a  splash of water on growing firestorm of social media clattering, pressuring Meri to come clean. Meri’s reluctant admission was met by the media gobbling up the weak admission, with TLC weighing in, merely parroting Meri’s statement. One segment of Meri’s statement stands out, and reads,

“I never met this person, and regret being drawn into this situation, but I hope because of it, I can help others who find themselves in similar circumstances.” 

The problem with this assertion is that neither Meri Brown or TLC is identifying the alleged predator that victimized Brown. The bottom-feeding casanova that hooked the vulnerable TLC star is believed to be Jacquelyn Overton, a resident of Oklahoma, and a well-known con-artist. She boasts numerous identities, including Meri’s secret lover’s moniker, “Sam Cooper.” “Sam” claims to be a 42 year old, 6’ 6,” business tycoon. 

The basic strategy Jackie uses to reel in her victims is using her Twitter account to develop online relationships, progressing to phone calls and texting as the handsome “Samuel Cooper.” “Sam” allegedly preys on women who tend to be vulnerable, due to tough life circumstances, such as divorce, loss, or abuse. Jackie is a lesbian, and is said to be skilled at changing her voice, to effectively draw her prey in. 

“Samuel,” being the busy business mogul that he is, is never available to meet his contacts in person, but luckily his right hand woman, Jackie aka “Lindsay,” etc, is always on call and ready to make the business connection. This is the game plan to cover for Jackie’s real motive, which is to take advantage of her stooges any way that she can, leaning on the trusted and established online friendship to score, and hopefully big. Some victims have been betrayed over hefty periods of time, sometimes as long as two years.  The only identity who is ever seen is Jackie, in the form of any given alias, who always swoops in to aid “Sam,” then proceeds to mooch off the poor sucker any way that she can.

The simple truth is that Meri Brown as well as TLC have the power to speak out, and take action to shut down Jackie Overton.  A simple admission with a TLC cosign, does nothing but take the most scalding of social media heat off a deceived, yet evidently self-concerned, discarded lover. Where are you TLC? 

Will Meri Brown, her supportive “family,” and the network that put them on the map, step forward and take steps to expose and shut down this predator? “Helping others” is an action, not an arm-twisted statement. Sister Wives fans deserve better.    


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