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Family Betrayal! Sister Wives Meri Brown Shares Private Brown Family Secrets With Catfish Lover [EXCLUSIVE]

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The scammer who snagged Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, continues to blather via her alternate identity, “Sam Cooper’s” blog. Jackie Overton appears to be a catfish scorned, and just isn’t swimming away quietly. 

“Sam” is detailing the progression of the romance, by revealing messages exchanged between “Sam” and Meri, and up until now, there has been no spillover into Brown’s professional life, as a TLC reality personality. “Sam” makes reference to the current storyline involving Meri and Janelle Brown confronting past differences, in a supposed pursuit of family peace and harmony. 

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Meri was evidently talking to “Sam” about what is currently  playing out on the TLC show.  “Sam” writes,

“When she said Lord give me strength. This is when she was filming the scene with Janelle coming over to talk to her. We were texting right before that. She asked me to make her laugh to calm her nerves and I tried. I don’t know how well I did. But she appreciated it.  She called me around 8:30 and we talked about filming. This was the first time we ever talked about the show. I didn’t really ask anything because I wasn’t really into it. I was more into why Janelle felt she needed to talk to Meri about something privately. I didn’t know they had issues. And Meri really didn’t go into depth at this point with me. She just explained they had issues for years and she wasn’t really wanting to work things out with her.”

Meri even alerted “Sam” when the meeting with Janelle was about to go down. According to “Sam,” this was the meeting where viewers watched Jenelle beg Meri to consider going into therapy with her. Meri said in  message to “Sam,”

“Lord give me strength to get through this next hour! I’ve got to say and do the right things….Say something funny to make me relax and de-stress!  Lol! I’ll call you in like an hour or so. :)”

“Sam” encouraged her to “Go get ‘em!”  Meri later responded.   

“Whew! Done!  Finishing up a few things, I’ll call in a bit.  If you still need me to.  And if you’re not busy. :)”

Meri finally gave Janelle a thumbs up to the idea, a claimed four months later. Was “Sam” counseling her through this decision for four months? 

Jackie Overton appears to have been given inside knowledge about Meri’s thoughts and feelings regarding “Sister Wives” storylines, and conflicts within the Brown clan. What else does this slippery Oklahoma woman know, and how much is she going to spill?  Stay tuned. 



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