EXCLUSIVE: The Origins of Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s Tawdry Affair with Her Catfish Lover

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Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, continues to weather the fallout from being lured into a steamy romance by catfish scammer, Jackie Overton. Jackie posing as “Sam Cooper” refuses to slip back into the murky deep, and continues to post evidence of the affair via his personal blog.

“Sam” decided to dig into his Twitter archives to expose the beginning of their evidenced love affair, which allegedly began last March. “Sam” also claims that “he” and Meri knew each other before they started corresponding on Twitter.

“I have known Meri before all of this started publicly. We had talked back and forth but it was the night of the Divorce episode, last season’s finale show that we began talking so people noticed. We began talking on Twitter.”

Meri Brown has weakly admitted the online relationship, and All About the Tea has extensively revealed scandalous evidence pointing to an extended, secret romance. The following tweets reveal the beginning of the affair, and eerily display how Jackie Overton began to reel in her prey. One tweet in particular stands out, the second one in the series, which reveals “Sam” exposing that he lives in Oklahoma. “Sam Cooper” has always claimed home to be Chicago, and Las Vegas. Jackie Overton, however, is a resident of Oklahoma.

Twitter Interactions between Sam and Meri

Twitter Interactions between Sam and Meri2

Twitter Interactions between Sam and Meri3

Twitter Interactions between Sam and Meri5

Sister Wives_Twitter Interactions between Sam and Meri6

Jackie Overton trickled info about “Sam’s” faith, his age, his looks, his voice, his wealth, and his generous charity work. It doesn’t take long before the compliments and pet names begin, and a sappy love quote is offered. The slippery bottom-feeder had just begun, and Meri Brown’s life was about to veer dangerously off course. 


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