#SisterWives All The Reasons Why Meri Brown IS a Mormon Cheater

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Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, has been exposed as a wife gone astray, and is now weathering the public fallout.  Most people know that Meri is no longer the legal wife of Kody Brown, and that Robyn Brown is now on the Brown statutory throne. Meri was tossed aside, became sad and vulnerable, and fell for a demented Oklahoma woman, posing as a hot male business tycoon.  But who really cares…Meri was divorced, right? In fact, Kody treated her like crap, Robyn is a bossy, blubbering shrew, and Meri’s  daughter is off at college. 

Many viewers are even cheering Meri on, thrilled  that she stepped out to connect with another, sending scandalous pics, making gushing phone calls, and even busting out of the cult-de-sac in hopes of hooking up with hunky “Sam.” Meri was just getting her groove back, after being kicked to the curb. GO Meri…right? Not so fast.

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Meri Brown, having been shifted from legal wife to “spiritual” wife, technically joined Janelle and Christine in their purported equally revered positions within the Brown clan. While the general public consider such a role meaningless, it is actually a strong binding “spiritual” allegiance. So was Meri “cheating” on her “husband?” Absolutely. 

Celestial marriage (also called the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage, Eternal Marriage, Temple Marriage or The Principle) is a doctrine of Mormonism as taught in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church, also known as the Mormon Church ) and in Mormon fundamentalist sects.  Plural marriage is considered evidence of obedience to God’s law of celestial marriage and the hope of eternal progression through stages of heaven to eventual godhood.  While the “mainline” Mormon church does not authorize or promote plural marriage, dozens of breakaway sects that call themselves “Mormons,” practice polygamy. They are commonly labeled “Fundamentalist Mormons,” and often consider themselves “more Mormon,” because they faithfully hold to the practices that the mainline church has abandoned. The Browns identify as “Fundamentalist Mormons.”


While the Browns and TLC lightly throw around the term “spiritual wife,” such a position is considered anything but casual.  It is worth noting, that “spiritual wives” have little chance of being protected legally, if they choose to leave.  Most judges consider such a partner simply an unmarried cohabitant. Meri Brown has made no move to break away from her current situation, nor has made any comment indicating divergence from her beliefs.  Who could forget that “Commitment Ceremony” extravaganza that hijacked an entire season?

While Meri Brown and TLC may be counting on America’s sympathetic, though ill-informed, heartstrings to pull her victoriously through the public backlash, she simply cannot have it both ways. Meri Brown engaged in an extra-marital affair, if she is choosing to stay attached to her chosen faith. While physical contact hasn’t been established, All About the Tea exposed a romantic, sexually charged, and mutual love relationship. 

Viewers can feel sorry for Meri, and even cheer her on, but in doing so, they are cheering on an admitted cheater. Sorry, Mare.


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