EXCLUSIVE: More Heartache! Meri Brown CATFISHED After Being Dumped As Kody Brown’s Wife Number One

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Sister-Wives-Season-Meri Brown

#SisterWives premieres on September 13, with the continuing saga of the reshuffling of the Brown harem playing out for the TLC viewers. The supposed story is that Kody is legally striving to adopt Robyn’s kids, due to the Brown’s belief that their own father is perpetually uninvolved. That story is a real snoozer next to what most social media followers are currently buzzing about.

Meri Brown, the once only legit and now cast-off Sister Wife, has allegedly been “catfished,” by a woman who has allegedly woven an intricate and heinous web of false identities, snagging dozens of unsuspecting victims. This catfish is a whopper, a long time and productive online fraud, who continues to use Twitter, and dating sites to manipulate both men and women. 

Supposedly her real name is Jackie Overton, an Oklahoma resident who has multiple Twitter profiles, which include @notbatmanyet, (pretending to be a male in his early 40s, a single and attractive business mogul, named Samuel Cooper), @marksmithlv (pretending to be a 23 yr old male “employee” of “Samuel’s”), @shellysjcnvest (older female secretary/personal assistant to above mentioned wealthy business mogul Samuel).  Jackie, or “Lindsay,” aka @itsnotmyfault75, alleges to be one of “Samuel’s” #1 employees, and his best friend. 

Sister Wives CatfishJackie Overton

The basic strategy Jackie uses to reel in her victims is using her @notbatmenyet account to develop online relationships via Twitter, progressing to phone calls and texting as the handsome “Samuel Cooper.” “Sam” allegedly preys on women who tend to be vulnerable due to tough life circumstances, such as divorce, loss, or abuse. Jackie is a lesbian, and is said to be skilled at changing her voice, to effectively draw her prey in. “Samuel,” being the busy business mogul that he is, is never available to meet his contacts in person, but luckily his right hand woman, Jackie aka “Lindsay,” etc, is always on call and ready to make the business connection. This is the game plan to cover for Jackie’s real motive, which is to take advantage of her stooges any way that she can, leaning on the trusted and established online friendship to score, and hopefully big. Some victims have been betrayed over hefty periods of time, sometimes as long as two years.    

This is where Meri Brown becomes a part of the picture. Jackie supposedly loves Las Vegas, and has been recently catfishing women who live in Nevada. She seeks to score free lodging, meals, entertainment, etc. This is allegedly why she chose to manipulate Meri Brown, as the alluring “Samuel.” Evidently part of the Brown clan is involved in a large health supplement distributorship, and Jackie, as “Samuel,” convinced Meri that he was interested in buying her product for one of his business ventures. Supposedly, there was once even a photo of Jackie, as “Lindsay,” in Meri’s living room, posted on the @itsnotmyfault75 Twitter account. Meri has even  reached “associate” status, with that cute business tycoon contact, “Samuel.”

Sister Wives Catfish1

This shout-out was after Meri got wind of the sham, and evidently broke off the relationship. But Jackie allegedly operates by using past victims to lure in new ones, weaving a more and more complicated web of demented deceit.   

Recently, Jackie has been morphing into @marksmithlv, an employee of “Sam’s,” and conveniently from a family of polygamists.

Sister Wives Catfish2

The only identity who is ever seen is Jackie, in the form of any given alias, who always swoops in to aid “Sam,” then proceeds to mooch off the poor sucker any way that she can.   

Another cryptic dimension of the tale, is the crossing of paths of alleged Facebook bully, Kendra Pollard-Para, and “Samuel Cooper.”  Jackie, aka “Sam” and Kendra have seemingly been working together to validate and give legs to “Sam’s” identity. Kendra claims that she has Skyped and spoken to “Sam,” and “Sam” tweeted the same, and even wrote a post on his bogus blog about his conversation with the infamous Kendra.

Everyone familiar with the situation KNOWS that “Sam” is not real, which exposes Kendra as in cahoots with a scam artist, that once deceived one of her beloved Sister Wives. Kendra alleges a professional relationship with TLC, a close friendship with Robyn Brown, and defends the Browns fearlessly on social media. It appears that Kendra supposedly has her mitts in much more than Brown adoration, and thrashing anyone who dares to disagree. So what gives with the sweet-talk between Robyn’s pet internet thug, and this conniving catfish? That remains to be seen.  Stay tuned. 


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