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Sister Wives Catfish Drama Heats Up! Meri Brown’s Lover Speaks Out While Meri Remains Silent [EXCLUSIVE]

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Meri and Jackie_Sam_Catfish-Sister Wives

Sister Wives star, Meri Brown continues her stubborn silence, probably hoping that this whole catfish nightmare will fade away. She continues to resist identifying the woman who seduced her into an online relationship, leaving her personally exposed and humiliated. 

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Skilled scammer Jackie Overton engaged a willing Meri Brown, and carried on a secret 6 month affair, posing as handsome business tycoon, Sam Cooper. Meri’s resistance to naming her manipulative lover, has freed Jackie to blather endlessly, exposing “Sam’s” side of the romance. Overton recently blogged about the key players in the scam, working to dispel what has been established in in the case thus far. Jackie also poses as “Lindsay,” “Sam’s” assistant who seeks to connect “Sam” with his current victim. “Sam” writes,

“I did not catfish her. Lindsay did not catfish her. And I don’t know who Jackie is.”

“Anyone saying that Lindsay catfished Meri is a liar. The truth is Lindsay is not a lesbian, can not stay in a relationship longer than a week, she gets bored of the guys she dates, and she was a friend to Meri.”

“This Jackie woman. I don’t know who she is. I am sorry her name is getting mixed in, but she has had nothing to do with this.  The truth is Lindsay is not Jackie. I am not  Jackie and I am not Lindsay. I am Samuel. Always have been and it’s time to clear that up.”

We all know that Jackie Overton is a skilled liar, and a dangerous con artist. However, with Meri remaining stone-faced on the TLC couch, Jackie can freely unleash “Sam’s” story. Why does “he” think Meri won’t break her silence about their secret relationship?

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“My guess on why Meri is saying I catfished her publicly is because she does not want to admit her feelings to her husband, her family, and her kids. She does not want to really be open about how she felt about me, or what plans we had to get her out of there. How she wants a different life and a love that she has never had the chance to experience. The truth is, up until August 23rd that is, she wanted to move out, be with me, date, get married, and have kids with me. And that’s what we were working on. But her filming schedule kept going on and on and on.”

“Sam” continues to release exchanged messages between he and Meri during the six month love affair, revealing a more complete, though singularly interpreted, picture. Speak up Meri. Your fans are waiting.   


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