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‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Labels Catfish Lover a “Bastard” During Emotional Meltdown – Could a Real MAN be in The Mix?

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Meri Brown crying on Sister Wives

The last episode of Sister Wives left viewers unsatisfied, by a network teasing their audience with barely a wink at the real-life drama of the Sister Wives season. 

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“All will be revealed,” claims the aired teasers, keeping us all waiting for the season finale, scheduled for this weekend.  The “truth” about Meri Brown’s catfish romance will be exposed, or more accurately, TLC’s spin, will be spun. What we do know, is that TLC has a cash cow to protect, and the Browns’ faces need to keep plurally smiling, in order to keep the paychecks rolling in. One puzzling TLC snippet raised many a viewer eyebrow, and triggered discussions. During Meri’s sobbing and stammering confession, she uttered, “bastard,” an odd choice of words for someone who is claiming to have been tricked by a female. 

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TLC has a proven history of wonky, self-serving editing practices, and most will take any story they sell, with a grain of salt. We know that con-artist Jackie Overton snagged Meri’s heart as “Sam Cooper,” and took her on a passionate, six month ride, full of sweet talk and promises. Did Meri inadvertently leak, at least at the time of this comment, that she believed that her lover-boy was indeed, a boy? What about the hazy sexual intimacy mystery, that has yet to be fully explained? My MTV education has taught me that gender-benders always shut down these types of love-affairs. Such shockers act like an icy shower on the passionate portrait, painted in the duped lover’s imagination. Suggesting that Mare took a dip in the lady pond is obviously not inconceivable, but is likely far-fetched. 

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There is ongoing online banter suggesting a male presence in the cryptic picture, although in what context, remains a point of contention. One of the voicemails Meri left for “Sam” even indicates that there was an in-person meeting/hook-up with “Sam,” during an excursion to Utah. 

While we don’t know if the rendezvous took place, it is obvious that Overton had more than convinced Mare, that she was male. Key voicemails, as well as some provocative photos, prove that some sort of sexual intimacy took place.

Meri has implied publicly that she never met “Sam,” but does that necessarily mean that she connected with NO man? She actually did meet Jackie, as “Lindsay,” evidenced by photos of the duo. One floated theory wonders if Overton upped her game, by hiring a male poser for isolated appearances during the ruse, to further convince Mare that their heterosexual love, was indeed the real thing.  Could a sexy 40ish actor/escort been aimed and fired into the shady mix? 

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A pointedly interjected male figure would clarify some blurry details, but such a reality would also drastically up the complicated fallout for the reality star, and her polygamist cohorts. Such a scenario is simply an intriguing theory, that is swishing around in the catfishy trenches of gossip.  What do you think of Meri’s “bastard” remark, and what explanation do you think TLC will try and sell?    


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