“We Fell Madly In Love” ‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s Scorned Catfish Exposes More Dirty Details of Their Affair

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Sister Wives

The scandalous love affair between Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, and  prolific catfish Jackie Overton, posing as “Sam Cooper,” aka “Lindsay,” continues to unfold. “Sam” has exposed the dramatic affair, blasting out credible and embarrassing voicemails from Meri, and has been dishing more details on a recently posted on his personal blog. 

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Interestingly, this blog has since been deleted, supposedly because some key player “apologized.” 

In addition, an exclusive source has come forward to All About the Tea, who recently spoke to the the slippery character about the messy romance. The curious sleuth described the conversation as disturbing, and believed it to be an exchange involving one woman, posing as three personalities, “Sam,” “Lindsay,” and Jackie. 

“Lindsay answered the phone, and in under 30 seconds she went into an Australian accent, and claimed to be Jackie.  Then she said Sam was sitting next to her, so she put the phone down and picked it up, and it was clearly the same person, just trying to sound like a man.  It was bizarre to say the least.”

“Batman” asserts on his blog that “Sam” (Jackie) and Meri were involved in a passionate love affair, until the end of August. 

“The last contact I have had with Meri was Sunday August 30th, 9:39pm when we broke up. We had been struggling for 2 weeks prior to that because I had screwed up big time. I take full responsibility and am sorry that the relationship ended. I loved her very much and was planning my life and my future only with her.”

“The point is to prove we fell madly in love. Because that’s the truth. The truth is also that we wanted a future and we both struggled to figure out how that was going to happen.”

I suspect the “screw up” may have been Meri’s shocking discovery that her handsome honey “Sam,” was actually a strikingly unbalanced female. 

Our source shares the same info, with some interesting details.  The tipster  reports that Meri was allegedly set to leave the family, and run away with “Sam.” The plan abruptly changed, when her romeo was revealed as a  whopper of an Oklahoma catfish.  The source explains,

“She (Sam) doesn’t support Meri at all, says Meri is afraid of the public finding out.  Kody found out, but she was going to leave anyway.  She said that TLC didn’t have her sign a non-disclosure, so she will tell everything.  She said she won’t be on the show in person, but when she says “my very dear friend,” she’s referring to Sam/Lindsay/Jackie.” 

Batman (Jackie) reiterates that he/she was indeed involved with Meri during the now being aired, TLC filming season.

She was happy the 6 months I was with her. And that will show up because we were together the entire time she was filming this season. Even on the family trip.

Was Meri really packed and ready to escape from her Sister Wives dysfunctional paradise? 

Batman “Sam” claims that Meri has broken her solemn promise to keep the affair secret, and is responsible for inciting a gang of online vigilantes, who have been endlessly harassing he and “Lindsay.” Having loved and lost doesn’t deserve such torment, so he/she made the “dirtbag” move to turn the tables, and expose Meri. “Lindsay” was directed by “Sam” to spill the scandalous tea, but of course, only via text and audio. Batman “Sam” asserts that he and Meri no longer communicate. He/She wraps the blog by waxing poetic, and gushing about his/her soul mate, the one who got away. 

“I love her very much. I miss everything about her because she is truly a smart, amazing, loving, sweet woman. And she is hilarious. We laughed everyday. We found joy in each other and she came out of her shell.  I can finally say I fell in love with Meri. It was magic. Everything about her is a wonderful as you all see on the show. She is all heart. And her heart is what drew me in.” 

One odd piece of the puzzle asks why Kody Brown, a self-professed family WARRIOR has said nothing about another “man” passionately claiming an emotional and sexual relationship with HIS “WIFE?” “Sam” responds to a reader, confirming  that sex was supposedly part of the romantic picture.

It appears that viewers can watch this season of Sister Wives through a whole new lens of understanding, based on all that has been revealed since “Sam” and Meri’s breakup. I plan to watch with new eyes this week! Stay tuned.


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