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EXCLUSIVE: NEW Scandalous Voicemails of Meri Brown to Catfish Lover

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Meri-Brown-Catfish and Jackie Overton

Jackie Overton is a slimy catfish scorned, and isn’t going to stay quietly in the wake of the public rejection by ex online lover, Sister Wives star, Meri Brown. 

Jackie, as “Sam Cooper” is fighting back via his blog, by posting additional emotional voicemails left for him by Meri.  All About the Tea exclusively broke the story over three weeks ago, and posted numerous voicemails, along with photos, love letters, and scandalous details, breaking down the dirty affair. 

“Sam” is threatening to spill all of the tea, so this may be just the first installment. Hang onto your wet bars everyone, because this ride may get bumpy! 

Dated: 6-27-15, Title: “Waiting for him”

Dated: 4-18-15, Title: “Meri talking about their life”

Dated: 6-25-15 “Meri drove down from the mountain to meet him at his hotel”

Dated: 6-30-15 “Meri talking about her history with Kody and what she wants with Samuel”

Dated: 4-18-15 “Laying with you comment”

Dated: 6-27-15 “Meeting up again in Utah”

Dated: 6-30-15 “Meri talking about how passionate they are together”

The voicemail dated June 25 sounds oddly like Meri had possibly rendezvoused with her mystery computer date before. Such a development would definitely be a game changer, and one we will be investigating, as we continue to dig. Stay tuned, as the story develops.   


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