‪#SisterWives Finale Shocker! Find Out if ‪Meri Brown‬ Will Admit to ‪‎Catfish‬ Affair on The Season Finale [Exclusive]

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As viewers eagerly await the season finale of Sister Wives, theories and doubts are multiplying, much like the plural family in question. Previews show Meri Brown addressing her unhappy plight at a family dinner in Alaska. A blink later, she is blubbering defensively about “just talking to somebody,” adding, “I don’t get to TALK to people.” It needs to be said…if she isn’t “talking to people,” the issue lies with Mare. She needs to step away from her wet bar, and socialize with the few dozen flesh and bones sorta-relatives, that are frolicking around that cult-de-sac.  

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Jackie Overton, aka “Sam Cooper,” aka Mare’s “bay-bee,” has been responding to comments via “his” blog, and is dishing alleged inside knowledge, about what is to take place during this Sunday’s much hyped finale episode. We certainly know that the catfish aka Batman Sam is a lying con-artist, and while the evidence she has released has been telling…..buy her spin at your own risk!  

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To begin, the affair was supposedly hot from the beginning of March, to the end of August. The Alaska vacation took place at the beginning of August, so the romance was likely cranking during the time of this so-called, tell-all dinner. “Sam” claims that in the dinner scene, Mare simply confirms her desire for time away from the family, and did not spill the beans about her cheating heart. 

“The adults went to dinner and Meri brought up she has been struggling in the family lately. What she says is, maybe I want to go to Greece for a month, maybe I want to get away for a week again, maybe I want to do some charity work with Danny Gokey, maybe I want to do something. She had already told all of them at this point she wanted to leave. They all knew that. So it was not a surprise at all. They are all supportive of her and tell her to do whatever she needs to do.”

“The dinner was just her acknowledging she wanted to go. She brought it up on the Alaska vacation because the plan was to mention it near the end of filming the finale so she could easily walk away from the show and the family and there would be no disappearing out of nowhere with no word why. When she got back we were going to get her moved into my rental house and start our life. But we started fighting and then we ended it.  At the dinner she does not at all address the affair. Just how unhappy she has been and wanting to go find herself.  Anything mentioning the affair came after August 30, 2015. Not while she was in Alaska.”

A furrowed Kody is previewed saying, “it sounds like she is leaving,” a comment which could align with “Sam’s” story. 

Sister Wives_Meri_Catfish

According to “Samuel,” Mare and Kody’s marriage had been dead and buried, and her single, monogamous heart was up for grabs. 

“I was told the marriage was over and she was available to move forward in a new relationship. She was not living a married life. She had kicked him out of her house.”

“She kicked him out 2 months after it started. He had not been sleeping over there and when he did she was sleeping upstairs the guest room talking to me on the phone at night while he was downstairs.”

When DID the Browns find out about the affair? According to Batman Sam, the banana-bomb was dropped in early September, about a month after the Alaska trip. 

“She told Robyn we had an affair and she was in love with me September 5th or 6th. And Robyn was devastated. That’s when they found out about the affair. Before then they all just thought she was unhappy and struggling with him. They said she was depressed. As you can see on my blog she was very happy and in love.”

Interestingly, Robyn tweeted a much talked about, sisterly love letter from Mare, on September 6th.

It’s safe to assume that TLC whipped out their editing tricks to thwart the notion that an unsavory outsider could corrupt their beloved polygamist fairytale.  Will the network indeed tackle Mare’s passion for her slimy lover, or just tease us with a two minute preview of next season? “Sam” implies that the season was set to wrap with Mare vaguely fading away from Brown reality stardom, before she leaped into her true-love’s scaly embrace. The assumed discovered identity of Overton would have thrown such a script into turmoil. 

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Will TLC indeed confirm and elaborate on the truth that Meri Brown was romantically bamboozled by a female con-artist? Could they have simply taped a single, snot-dripping talking head interview, plunked it on some dramatic graphics, and added some pounding background music? Such a move would give the network plenty of time to strategize the direction of a show that should have been done in, by this tawdry fling. Mare has supposedly been embraced by her sister wives in her victimized, and fragile state. 

This is quite a coup, considering that any respectable polygamist cult, would have thrown such a polluted harlot out on her white stitched behind. What does “Sam” believe that the future holds for his lost love?    

“She does want to leave and I believe she will. It may be a year or two but she does want out.”

“She wants monogamy now. He (Kody) failed her.”

The Oklahoma caped crusader called it….will the one who broke her slippery  heart, prove her right?    


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