#SisterWives Meri Brown’s Catfish Predator Speaks Out! “I’m Not For Sale”

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Sister-Wives-Season-Meri Brown with Sam Cooper

Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s catfish has spoken, in an emotional, melodramatic diatribe, via his “Not Batman Yet” blog.  To re-clarify this seedy state of affairs, Meri Brown was recently embroiled in a Twitter relationship with a fictional, hot business mogul named “Sam Cooper.” In reality, “Sam” is supposedly prolific internet scammer, Jackie Overton. This catfish is one slippery predator, and she chomped on a live one’s hook, with the newly discarded first wife of Kody Brown. Since All About the Tea, along with a crew of online catfish hunters, began exposing Jackie, the big kahuna has begun to flounder, and gasp for air. 

Numerous Twitter accounts have been shut down, including the real deal’s account, @itsnotmyfault75. As a refresher, in Meri’s case, Jackie is known as “Lindsay,” “Sam’s” right hand gal.  Robyn Brown’s most frenzied social media supporter, Kendra Pollard-Parra is also strangely in the mix, somehow tying herself to the fantasy that the hunky “Sam,” actually exists.  The core truth in the web of lies is that Sam and Lindsay are both Jackie, and Jackie was wooing Meri as “Sam.” 

Jackie later met up, and socialized with Meri, posing as “Lindsay,” “Sam’s” rep. While the nature of “Sam” and Meri’s relationship has been hazy, this blog implies that “he” had indeed seduced Meri away from her beloved wet bar, and had won her heart. “Sam’ begins by letting us down gently with the title “no thank$.” Sam’s tweets went private Thursday, but on Wednesday he implied that he was going public with his story, to a major magazine. No one believed him (HER), and now the masked hero has had a change of heart, deciding that cash holds no importance, to such a righteous lover of virtue.

Batman Sam kicks off the fun by schooling those who have worked to snag this sleazy bottom feeder. 

“I’m fake, a homewrecker, a cheater, a liar. On and on. By people that don’t know anything about me or my life and who I would never spend 2 seconds getting to know. Because they are horrible people. They sit in their homes safely tucked behind an anonymous computer screen and pretend to know everything, about everything.”

Her countless aliases would agree. His one true love, Meri Brown, is now brought into prose, as Batman Sam shares his sorrow about the one that got away. 

“..the situation I got myself into has pulled the only person that knows the truth so far away from me, all hope, all want, all need is dead. Forever. And that is what really pisses me off. Because it could have been saved. Maybe not for a while but there would have always been a someday.  Not now. And that part hurts. A lot.”

Meri Brown_Sister Wives

SNIFF. Poor Meri and her concealed internet lover are no more…at least in romantic theory.  A Twitter hawk reached out to us, claiming that “Sam” and Meri briefly re-followed each other on Twitter on Wednesday, presumably just long enough for a quick private message. Are Meri and “Sam” still sporadically communicating?

Meri Brown_Sister Wives

Our masked romantic continues,

“I’m not for sale, guys. I never have been. I have no immediate family so reaching out to them for a comment won’t work. I have the most loyal friends on Earth who would never betray me. And I have never told them anything about any of this, because I couldn’t. I didn’t sign up for this and I’m ready to go back to the background and live my life. Without a very special person who means the world to me. And always will.”

Meri Brown_Sister Wives

“Sam” addresses his faithful sycophants, one fictional (Lindsay), and one shady, but very real (Kendra). 

“Lindsay is nothing but a great, devoted, loyal, and no drama friend. I love her for standing on her promise to protect me. Kendra had nothing to do with any of this. She is a secondary person that had no idea anything was going on until months later. And we do not talk. We spoke a few times to establish clarity.”

They don’t talk, but they DID speak, just long enough to imply that “Sam” is REAL, and NOT Jackie.  Thanks for the clarification, Batman!! 

“She (Kendra) has a glimpse of what happened, but not the whole story. Only 2 people in the world know. And as one of them, I refuse to talk about it.  I promised I wouldn’t. And I won’t.”

I am truly touched. No wonder our lonely Sister Wife was lured in by this slippery, guitar playing, vegan Romeo!   Will “Sam” EVER go public, and unmask his handsome mug?  Alas, no.  “He” claims that he has filmed interviews that will be released if the threats continue, pressuring him to dish the dirt on the scandalous online Brown affair.  A superhero’s gotta protect himself!  Beware catfish anglers and truth seekers everywhere! 

I will dab my tears and wrap with a quote, emotionally shared by our lardaceous lothario.

“You have awakened my soul and my heart in such a way that I seem to forget myself. My daily prayer is given to you and your happiness. Although we are not together, in daydreams and wishes I can feel your presence.”


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