EXCLUSIVE: Meri Brown’s Catfish Lover Release NEW Scandalous Voicemail & Provocative Pics

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The scandalous love affair between Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, and prolific catfish Jackie Overton has been met with nothing but deafening silence from the Brown camp.  TLC and the Brown bunch are obviously hoping that the family splintering mess will blow over, so Meri can quietly  resume her spiritual wifely duties to Kody Brown. 

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Sam Cooper’s (Catfish Jackie) commitment to moving on was also halted by a brief Twitter release of several alluring photos of “his” lost love. An online warrior for Meri Brown apparently pushed this slippery, scorned lover too far. Catfish Jackie is evidently not retreating to her slimy depths just yet.

“Lindsay” lost her patience and ranted on her Twitter account about the snub.

Sam Cooper (Catfish Jackie) sprung into action, and posted the shocking voicemail and provocative photos of Meri Brown below.  

The provocative photos, also served as further proof that Meri was indeed involved in some sort of sexual affair with “Sam,” aka Jackie Overton.

Meri Brown

This unbalanced catfish has been done wrong, and the tea keeps spilling on this insane story. Stay tuned. 


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