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EXCLUSIVE: #SisterWives Meri Brown Plotted To Leave Kody Brown For Catfish Lover During Season 6 Filming

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The stars of Sister Wives are following the TLC script to the letter. Kody and Meri are divorced, Kody and the new queen mother have wed, and the adoption of Robyn’s children was granted.  No one counted on the emotional fallout swerving them so wildly away from their playbook.

Sister Wives was originally conceived to share the polygamist lifestyle with America, and allow us all to witness the loving and functional way that plural families live. However, we all know about the seedy undercurrent that was raging under the Brown cul-de-sac, during this season’s filming period. Meri Brown was embroiled in a secret affair with a catfish casanova, who  goes by the moniker of “Samuel Cooper.” “Sam” is actually Oklahoma resident, Jackie Overton, and her sweet talking ruse snagged Meri Brown almost immediately. Any casual observer may think that Meri was just dabbling in online flirtation, but close followers of All About the Tea’s coverage know that Meri was in, and in deep. 

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Overton has exposed almost 200 voicemails to anyone who has the patience to listen to Meri proclaim, whine, weep and rejoice in her undying and passionate love for “Sam.” How serious was the romance, and was this an actual affair? The Browns would all have to say YES, because although legally divorced, Meri herself would admit to being in a committed, spiritual relationship with Kody Brown. In fact, all of the Brown women would insist that according to their beliefs, spiritual marriages are just as sacred, valued, and binding as legal ones. Meri unwittingly revealed some enormous emotional cracks in her polygamous convictions during this lonely and vulnerable period of her life. 

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Meri appeared to be planning her escape, “taking steps” away from Kody Brown and her lifestyle, and towards “Sam.” According to her own words, Meri Brown was emotionally checked out, and ready to bolt. 

A lawsuit against the state of Utah is still underway, and a TLC cash cow needs to be fed.  “Sam” is a fake, so Meri Brown will likely have to join  TLC in spinning an effective narrative,  then shuffle back to her wet bar.  “Multiplied love” has failed, but the show must go on.


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