‘Sister Wives’ Drama! Kody Brown Monitoring Meri Brown’s Internet Usage Since Catfish Scandal

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Meri Brown_Sister Wives and Kody

There is an online rumor circulating, claiming that Sister Wives star, Meri Brown’s lonely heart is not to be trusted on the internet. The rumor alleges  that Kody Brown has recently installed a keylogger on Meri Brown’s computer, and purportedly, the invasive maneuver was pushed by Robyn Brown, Kody’s only legal wife. 

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A keylogger (short for keystroke logger), aka spyware, is software that tracks or logs the keys struck on your keyboard, typically in a covert manner, so that you don’t know that your actions are being monitored. It is essentially the equivalent of digital surveillance, revealing every click and touch, every download and conversation.  Such software is usually installed with malicious intent, often used for collecting account numbers and other privacy data, but there are legitimate uses for the software. Parents can monitor their children, employers their employees, and it can be beneficial to law enforcement. 

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In Meri Brown’s case, the software allows Kody to keep tabs on her online activity, and would have theoretically alerted him to step in, and stop the scamming catfish casanova who played on Meri’s weak spots, and lured her into an online romance.  Kody did supposedly catch wind of Meri’s communication with “Sam,” whose Twitter moniker is notbatmanyet, and cryptically tweeted his disapproval, back in June. 

Thank you @notbatmanyet ! Did you get yours too @Dreamer1289 ? He's so nice! I love this fun twitter friendship! ;-)

The catfish scandal that has been following Meri, is finally getting some attention from TLC, according to a recently aired clip, previewing the upcoming episode. It appears that a nod to Jackie Overton, aka “Samuel Cooper,” is being dragged up from the deep, with some quickie filming and editing, the likely network strategy. All About the Tea was the first to expose the affair, and continues to follow the story closely. 

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The covert romance was allegedly hot for six months, and the secret communication was supposedly ongoing, during the filming of this season. Meri Brown’s sullen demeanor and spotty interview appearances have been dead giveaways to the reported secret undercurrent that was flowing under the Brown cul-de-sac. 

Do you believe this rumor? Is Kody Brown stepping further away from being a “spiritual” husband, and inching into the role of a self-protecting, keeper? The Browns have a reputation to save, a mega-lawsuit to win, and future TLC paychecks to guard. What do you think?     


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