‘Sister Wives’ Saga! Inside Meri Brown’s Heartache Over Her Polygamous Marriage to Kody Brown

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Sister Wives rolls on tonight, and it is time to celebrate! The cult-de-sac is in an uproar over planning a shindig, to whoop it up over the adoption of Robyn’s children. There are menus to plan, and maybe even line dances to choreograph! We all know that Meri Brown is hiding out close to her phone, virtually cuddling with her catfish love, and it’s also safe to assume that TLC is going to edit in some sort of nod to “Sam,” sooner or later. 

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Viewers are buzzing all over social media about the glaring change in Meri’s attitude and countenance this season. Her cheerleading support of the wife-swap. and her supposed adoption joy have simply not matched her  withdrawn body language, and perpetual absence from the TLC interview couch.  Is the shift just evidence of her infatuation with her new fishy lover, or could it actually be a growing disdain for the polygamous pile of dung she sits in, and continues to sell? 

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Watch the following 2014 Sister Wives interview, for a background refresher on how the cast views polygamous vs monogamous relationships. Note Meri’s lack of enthusiasm while Robyn, Kody and Christine gush over the beauty of plural marriage. This video was posted the same month as Kody and Robyn legally wed, but before viewers were let in on the whammy.

Rewind 2.5 years, to June of 2012, and you will see a very different Meri Brown. This was posted about two years after Robyn Sullivan spiritually married into the Brown clan. You will see that the spark was still very much alive, between Kody and his only legal wife.

The answer to the question asking if Meri Brown’s demeanor has strikingly changed this season, is a resounding YES. But was the resentful disconnect triggered by Robyn’s entry into the family, or that pesky document that later proclaimed her as the legitimate favorite?

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No matter what the Browns and TLC try and sell the viewers, there is no doubt that this divorce had a profound effect on Meri Brown. The network and the Browns need to dump all of the “spiritual marriage” nonsense, because anyone with eyes can see the misery that the legal demotion triggered, and we know the chaos that followed. How long will TLC keep the farce going with this clunky coverup?       


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