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EXCLUSIVE: #SisterWives Meri Brown Caught Cheating on Kody Brown With Catfish Lover – Voicemails & Love Letters EXPOSED! “I Love You Sam”

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Sister Wives_Meri-Brown_Kody Brown_Catfish Lover

Meri Brown is in deep, and sinking deeper by the minute.  The Sister Wives star is CAUGHT, as a discarded wife swept away by an online love affair.  The whopper of a catfish Meri hooked captured her heart, and is now drowning her in crushing, and undeniable evidence. Jackie Overton, known to Meri Brown, as handsome business tycoon, “Sam Cooper,” is singing like an invisible canary.

As previously reportedMeri Brown, has allegedly been “catfished,” by a woman named Jackie Overton. Overton has allegedly woven an intricate and heinous web of false identities, snagging dozens of unsuspecting victims. This catfish is a whopper, a long time and productive online fraud, who continues to use Twitter, and dating sites to manipulate both men and women. 

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Jackie Overton, an Oklahoma resident who has multiple Twitter profiles, which include @notbatmanyet, (pretending to be a male in his early 40s, a single and attractive business mogul, named Samuel Cooper), @marksmithlv (pretending to be a 23 yr old male “employee” of “Samuel’s”), @shellysjcnvest (older female secretary/personal assistant to above mentioned wealthy business mogul Samuel).  Jackie, or “Lindsay,” aka @itsnotmyfault75, alleges to be one of “Samuel’s” #1 employees, and his best friend.

Evidently, NO ONE puts a bogus soulmate in a corner, because Jackie (Sam Cooper) is peeved, and isn’t going to shut up, and go away.  She appears to be committed to exposing Meri and “Sam’s” scandalous affair, and has voicemail messages from Meri to prove it.  

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Just as a refresher, “Sam’s” assistant, “Lindsay,” also identified as Jackie Overton.  As we previously reported, Jackie is allegedly adept at modulating her voice, to sound male or female.

These voicemails are EXPLOSIVE. Meri is heard talking to “Sam,” and the voicemails escalate quickly into romantic messages. Meri is heard saying “I love you,” more than once, refers to “Sam” as “baby,” and expresses upset when she is ignored. She refers to getting “flooded with texts” from her secret love, and also implies that a meeting was once set up.  The voicemails posted thus far, occurred within a two week period in March. 

Voicemail #1

Voicemail #2

Voicemail #3

Voicemail #4

Voicemail #5

Voicemail #6

Voicemail #7

Voicemail #8

Voicemail #9

Voicemail #10

UPDATE:  A new voicemail has been posted, labeled the 43rd voicemail, dated 4-18-15 at 2:38 am.
Voicemail #11 (labeled 43rd)

There are also love letters posted by Sam (Jackie) on his personal blog, who claims they were sent to him by Meri Brown.

Meri Brown_Pics sent to Catfish_Love Letter_WaterMarked

Meri Browns Catfish....Watermarked Letter 3

So what exactly is the exposure motive here, and how does Robyn Brown’s number one social-media thug cheerleader, Kendra Pollard-Parra, fit in? An insider, privy to all of the tawdry drama dishes to All About the Tea,

“This is extortion.  Jackie wants to expose “Sam” and Meri’s relationship, in order to expose her as an unfaithful “wife.”  She wants Meri outed as a cheater, who is checked out of her relationship with Kody, and uncommitted to the rest of the wives.”

This is where Kendra supposedly enters the picture. There is little doubt that Kendra is involved in the web of lies, because she and “Sam” are still claiming that they have video chatted. 

Meri Brown Catfish Tweets_Sister Wives Meri Brown Catfish Tweets_Sister Wives

Notice the shout-out to “Lindsay.” If Jackie were both “Sam” and “Lindsay,” how could both be seen at the same time? Nice touch Batman! Kendra Pollard-Parra is a well-known defender, and online warrior for Robyn Brown. Is Kendra in cahoots with Jackie aka “Sam” to shove Meri out of the “Sister Wives” picture? Kendra confirmed the Skype conversation, as evidenced by a recent Facebook convo, on her Sister Wives Facebook page.

When questioned about the supposed Skype convo, Kendra commented,

“No idea, he just said he is clearing his name as not being real”

“Yeah he skyped me and said he wanted to share his story.”

The conversation has since been deleted, presumably due to Pollard-Parra being the account administrator. 

Another question asks, WHY the deafening silence from the Brown cul-de-sac? A slippery, scamming catfish is on the loose, and no one is stepping up  to warn their faithful fans, or cooperate in getting Jackie Overton shut down for good. 

Is Meri figuratively dead in the catfish polluted water, and where does TLC stand in the sordid mess? The story continues to unravel.  Stay tuned.   


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