‘Love After Lockup’ Derek Warner and His NEW Wife Have MAJOR Drama With His Transgender Sister

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Love After Lockup

‘Love After Lockup’ Derek Warner and His NEW Wife Have MAJOR Drama With His Transgender Sister, Police involved

Tension continues to escalate among former Love After Lockup stars Derek Warner, and her transgender sister, Elizabeth, despite their removal from the WE tv reality series.

Love After Lockup

As reported, Monique Robinson and Derek Warner officially broke up in May after she accused Derek of domestic abuse.

Back in May, Monique unleashed a flurry of serious allegations on Instagram, complete with evidence to support her claims. She alleged that Derek exhibits toxic behavior and has often been physically abusive towards her during their numerous arguments. This fight stood out from their previous online spats, leading Derek to decisively end the relationship and move on with a new woman named, Angel Williams.

Love After Lockup

Angel Williams (pictured below with Derek) has been affectionately dubbing Derek her husband on Instagram since the start of September 2023. Moreover, she’s been referring to herself as his wife. Angel curated a series of posts about their blooming relationship from her Instagram Stories and archived them under a Highlight titled “New Beginnings.” With no holds barred, she openly confessed her love for Derek, even labeling him her “baby daddy.”

Love After Lockup - Angel Williams and Derek Warner

Angel Williams penned an extensive post that appeared to directly address Derek’s ex and Love After Lockup co-star, Monique Robinson.

Love After Lockup - Angel Williams and Derek Warner

In a direct “woman to woman” tone, Angel spoke about an unnamed individual (Monique Robinson). She accused her of being obsessive and stalker-like behavior towards Derek and his budding relationship. Angel further commented, “It’s high time to release the grip on the FAKE relationship you profited from.”

“Let go and get some help,” she warned. “If anyone loves you, they would tell you enough is enough! This is embarrassing, sickening and heartbreaking.”

Derek’s new wife is a movie producer for Tubi, she’s credited for producing a 2021 two-hour drama on Tubi, “Hell in My Life: The Stacey Staxx Story.”

Love After Lockup - Angel Williams and Derek Warner

In addition to Monique’s accusations of abuse, now Derek’s transgender sister, Elizabeth is also accusing her brother (and his new wife), of threatening her life and sending people to her home to harm her. Elizabeth spilled the tea on Facebook, explaining that she was forced to contact the police:

“This is the worst year of my life and I can’t believe my own blood brother and it’s wife are tryna hurt me and sending ppl to my house and they are going on blogs sending threats, I Truly believe they are tryna destroy me and all because of a movie….. this is just going to far and I went to the Authority but nothing has been done. I’m so tired of these 2 that it’s scary but I will tell you this, I will protect myself by any means!! The things ppl do to be famous 🙈.”

The feud seemingly ignited when Elizabeth made derogatory comments about a movie produced by Angel Williams, Derek’s new wife. Derek and Angel immediately took offense and launched into a confrontational stance, issuing threats and publicly dragging Elizabeth. In a desperate attempt to mend fences, Elizabeth later issued an apology, but by that time, tensions had spiraled out of control, reaching a point of no return.

Love After Lockup

Watch Love After Lockup on Fridays, at 9:00 p.m. ET, on WE tv.


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