Custody Wars! Nathan Griffith Vows To Expose Jenelle Evans’ Devious Ways and Win Back Son

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The gloves are OFF for Teen Mom 2 exes Jenelle Evans, 24, and Nathan Griffith. Their baby, 1 year old Kaiser, is at the center of the upcoming legal brawl, where the ex reality couple is set to duke it out in court, for custody of their love child.

Evans beat Griffith, 27, to the punch, filing papers on March 3rd, claiming that her ex-fiancee is not a fit parent. Evans alleges that Griffith does not have adequate living accommodations and “has eviction papers pending” against him.” Evans also accuses Nathan of abusing steroids, and brings up Griffith’s multiple arrests, including a misdemeanor larceny charge and domestic violence case.

Evans deviously instigated BOTH the domestic charge, and the misdemeanor larceny charge. Evans set up and falsely nailed Griffith with the domestic violence charge, and in a separate incident, had him arrested for simply reclaiming a vehicle that he owned. Nathan defends himself in his own court filing, citing that his name is on the title of the car, and that he offered to return Jenelle’s personal belongings, that were in the vehicle.   

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Nathan argues in publicly recorded court papers, filed March 15th, that Evans has systematically prevented him from seeing and speaking to his son, since they broke up in September. The papers state that Griffith had contact with his son once in October, and once in January. They also note that Evans has since changed her phone number, making it impossible for Nathan to reach Kaiser. During the January meeting, Jenelle’s boyfriend David Eason, allegedly monitored the 30 minute visit, after Griffith drove for several hours, for time with his son. Griffith alleges that although Evans is upset that he once took Kaiser out of state without her permission, she routinely does the same. Nathan claims that Jenelle occasionally calls him from a blocked number to trigger conflict, and that she uses Eason as an intermediary source of communication. Griffith alleges that Eason sends him “inappropriate” text messages, and cites other reasons that he has a problem with his son living with Jenelle’s latest lover.

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Griffith claims that Eason has a violent past, and that he “has an existing Domestic Violence Protection Order restraining him from contacting the mother of his own children” and that a judge found that Eason “had committed acts of domestic violence” against his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Griffith also notes another incident where Eason allegedly “threatened to kill” his ex. Griffith alleges that Eason smokes marijuana, and once almost overdosed on prescription drugs, mixed with alcohol. 

Griffith addresses the pending assault charge that Evans is facing, stemming from an incident when Evans struck Griffith’s girlfriend, Jessica Henry, with a glass. Griffith claims that Evans is using Kai as a pawn, offering to allow him to see his son, if he can convince Henry to drop the charges.  He also notes what viewers have watched unfold on the show — the fact that Jenelle’s mother maintains custody of her first son, six year old Jace. He points out that Evans is a career reality diva, while he is “employed by a professional indoor arena football league.”

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Griffith’s paperwork notes a long list of grievances, including Evans getting caught in a blatant lie about her drug use, on a recent, “The Doctors” appearance, past addictions, and multiple arrests.  He also mentions Eason posting a video online, where Kaiser is being taught to call him “Dada,” as well as the fact that Jenelle allows a known drug user, Victoria Rhyne, to babysit their son.

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Both sides are asking for the court to force the other, to pay for legal fees. Jenelle is asking for an “expedited hearing establishing temporary custody [to her] to stabilize the environment and to avoid emotional trauma resulting from the continued conflict between the parties.”

If Kai is experiencing emotional trauma or environmental instability — Jenelle needs to look in a mirror. Nathan doesn’t even SEE Kaiser. Even Jenelle’s legalese stinks like a lie. 


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