Top Lies Jenelle Evans told During Her Appearance ‘The Doctors’ #TeenMom2

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Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, recently appeared on The Doctors, to uncover a mystery illness, that I could have diagnosed from my couch. Her hyped plight is hilariously reenacted, and a team of docs crack the case, with only a few smirks hiding their professional television presence.

Jenelle’s rambling never disappoints— she even seriously shared that her current boyfriend’s “it” might be jabbing her in the ovary. Jenelle is used to exaggerating, even lying through her teeth, somehow always overestimating her Teen Mom powers of persuasion. Here’s a quick rundown of Jenelle’s nonsensical claims.

Jenelle, 24, begins by noting that “everything is going great” with her career. Her “career” consists being a reality wreck, endorsing products to her social media audience, and calling the cops on her boyfriends. Her career is in full swing today, where fans can find her partying in Texas, with spring breakers.


Jenelle launches into her symptoms, dramatically describing common nighttime leg aches, as “someone hammering my kneecaps.” WOW…that would wake a girl up, no matter how unconscious she is! Jenelle’s nails are amusingly perfectly manicured for their “shaky hands” moment in the spotlight. It was like an MTV flashback, when fans see Jenelle looking morose, lying in bed.

Jenelle denies taking “who has Kaiser?” joy trips, under the guise of seeking a medical diagnosis, that has the state of North Carolina, baffled. Her social media sure colors her trips differently. Local doctors couldn’t detect a birth control snafu? Sure, Jenelle.

Jenelle claims that her birth control trials may force her to quit Teen Mom 2. The irony isn’t lost me, and the statement is utter nonsense. There is no other job that would pay a gal to be…well…Jenelle Evans. Her career has no chance of “going great,” without MTV.

Jenelle tells an endocrinologist that she recently stopped smoking pot in December of 2015, and revealed herself as an outright liar.

“I smoked marijuana for a long time,” Jenelle told the endocrinologist. “Probably for years and years and years. Recently I stopped in about December. Then I noticed my symptoms coming on at the end of January.”

That little nugget conflicts with previous interviews from months ago, where she assured her fans that she was drug-free. She also tells the doc—as if it was relevant—that she quit smoking weed, because of an upcoming custody battle with her mom. I guess we can assume that when Jace transfers homes, the drugs will resume. Jenelle notes that she took “diet pills” a few times, but quit “everything possible,” when she became ill. Jenelle hawks diet pills on social media, and named them as her “secret to weight loss,” in February.

No further questions were asked when the term “everything possible” was thrown out there.

After a dramatic drumbeat accompanied exam by the endocrinologist, Jenelle is sent to an OBGYN, where an obvious lightbulb goes on. Strangely, Jenelle answers “great” when the doc asks her how the new birth control has been working for her, even though sex is painful, and her periods are wonky. The kind doctor says that the diagnosis is staring him in the face. He promises that he will shuffle a few papers, and act challenged for the cameras, and his colleagues in North Carolina.

Jenelle doesn’t want to have more babies now—noting nosy neighbors—but might want to in a year, when she moves…again. The doctors agree to get this chick to a counselor—STAT. Did anyone else find it amusing that the name of the birth control that supposedly wreaked havoc on Jenelle’s body, sounds like “jenelle??” It is deduced that Jenelle’s birth control swap, along with marijuana withdrawals and the anxiety that comes with being a general hot mess, is the official diagnosis. The one female doctor on the panel fights off eye rolls during her contribution—she gets it. Jenelle walks away with six months of free weekly counseling sessions. The hot flashes and other hormonal symptoms have likely gone away, but her assigned  counselors may have to tackle the kneecap hammering. Hopefully, the North Carolina counseling community can handle someone as complicated as Jenelle Evans. Watch a snippet of Jenelle‘s appearance below:


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