‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Spins a Web of Lies Using Kaiser to Hurt Ex Nathan Griffith

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Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, has been under a microscope lately, with fans of the show blasting her for her hair-raising parenting decisions. Jenelle’s 1-year-old son Kaiser has been under the care of Jenelle and her new boyfriend David Eason, who has a lengthy rap sheet, rather than allowing the tot time with his father, Nathan Griffith. 

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Jenelle recently spoke to Radar Online, hoping to sell her critics on why she druggie makes a superior babysitter to an abandoning boyfriend.  Jenelle claims an ongoing battle with her baby daddy after he allegedly whisked Kaiser away for a jaunt to New England.

“I told him, ‘If you want to see Kaiser ever since you took him to Boston without telling me, you can file for visitation,'” Evans said. “Well he still has yet to do that.”

Evans states that she has disallowed visitation since that trip, admitting that Griffith is trying to see his son. 

“He has been asking me, but then I’m like, ‘If I give him Kaiser, then he can take off with him,'” she said. “And then when will I ever get him back? It just scares me.”

Griffith struck back, and reportedly called CPS on Jenelle, claiming that he was left in the dark about the mother of his son leaving the country, and leaving their child behind. Jenelle claims that Griffith made unfounded accusations against her, and that she and CPS are cool now. 

“He made all these accusations saying that I’m taking Xanax and that I’m drinking every night and I’m partying and stuff,” Evans explained. But then CPS told Evans “everything is fine.”

Jenelle brought other exes into the dialogue, claiming that Jace’s father, Andrew Lewis, has contacted her via drunk messages, supposedly missing his son. Jenelle sure can pick ‘em!  Jenelle claims to have extended an invite to her ex, to see his son, but Lewis refuses to be around her mother, Barbara.  Babs is the one who has custody of Jace, so wouldn’t SHE be the one to give his father any sort of green light? 

Jenelle goes on to gush over her new love, David Eason, whom she claims is the polar opposite of her last baby daddy.  Has the stick turned pink yet? 

“Obviously [Nathan and I] broke up every other day, fought every day,” she said. “Me and David have been together for about two months now and everything has been fine. We haven’t bickered once.”

“My mom loves him, and everyone loves him,” she said. “I just wanted someone to settle down with me, and he’s that type. Nathan wasn’t.”

I kinda doubt that Babs’ standards are sky high, when Jenelle brings a new sucker home for dinner.  Eason was released from prison last January, but not surprisingly, such a record doesn’t faze Evans. 

“It doesn’t really concern me because we’ve all gotten in trouble when we were younger,” she reasoned. “He told me everything himself. [And] I’ve been in trouble probably more than him.”

Those ten months must have made all of the difference!  Evans announced that the couple has been living together for about a month, and that the new shack-up is going fabulously.   Eason even does his chores, blowing her last romantic roommate out of the water. 

“He [David] helps out so much around the house,” she said. “Before, everything was put on me. But now, even when he gets home from work after a long day, he’s still helping. He’s not sitting down relaxing. He’s still going.”

Does he do windows?  According to Evans, Griffith doesn’t mind his son hanging out with Jenelle’s new lover.  Griffith is likely is thanking him, for taking one blaring headache of a baby mama, off of his shoulders. 

“He doesn’t say anything about David being around the kids,” Evans said. But he does get upset about the relationship in general. “I think it’s more of David being with me,” she noted.

Well Jenelle…I wouldn’t be so sure about that.  The sparring continues between an ex-teen mom and a needy hookup, one which has shifted into an 18+ year required connection.  Will David Eason be next in line? 


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