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EXCLUSIVE: “She Will Ruin My Life” Nathan Griffith Predicts Jenelle Evans Would Have Him Falsely Arrested For Domestic Violence

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Teen Mom 2 couple Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are a thing of the past…at least the last time I checked! 

Last March, Griffith was arrested on a charge of domestic violence, an incident that should have come as no surprise, considering the ominous cloud that was darkening over the couple’s home during the months leading up to the scene. 

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Nathan was seen behaving cryptically in last week’s episode of the show, leading many to believe that he was plotting his exit. The arrest episode is finally hitting the airwaves this week, but shortly before the public upset, Nathan was becoming skittish, as evidenced by messages exclusively published by All About the Tea, back in March. 

NathanStevie DM convo Jenelle Evans

About a month after Nathan typed these messages, police were called to their home by a woman who claimed that she heard a woman screaming “get off of me, get off of me!” The police carted Nathan away that day, and the episode confirms an earlier reported eyewitness account, which describes Nathan begging Evans to tell the officers that he never touched her, let alone hurt her.  He also purportedly begged an MTV rep to stick up for him with the truth, as someone who was present, inside the home. 

The police report reveals that Nathan told the police that Evans had left marks on him from different physical altercations, even showing the responding officer some recently inflicted marks on his back.  When asked numerous times if he touched Jenelle in any way, he repeatedly answered, “No.”  Nathan’s private messages sent the month before, indeed reflected a fear of being set up for a fall, by his manipulative fiancee. Baby Daddy #2 obviously should have run like the wind, while he still could.    

Nathan is gone for now, so who will we witness Jenelle sinking her claws into next?  Beware men of South Carolina…because once you’re snagged, it’s hard to escape!


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