EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle’s Ex Arrested For Larceny — Nathan Griffith’s Mug Shot REVEALED! #TeenMom2

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Nathan-griffith-mug-shot-teen mom 2_watermarkedNathan Griffith Mugshot Photo

Nathan Griffith, a baby daddy of Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, turned himself in to authorities on Wednesday, after a warrant was issued for his arrest in late January. Griffith’s lawyer Megan Milliken said, “Nathan turned himself in on the warrant that was issued for misdemeanor larceny.”

The warrant was issued because of action initiated by Jenelle Evans.

“Ms. Evans, after speaking to law enforcement, then went to the New Hanover County magistrate’s office and swore out a warrant,” Ms. Milliken explained. “What that means is that law enforcement did not issue this warrant. This was something that Jenelle Evans did on her own initiative.”

The arrest stems from Jenelle losing it, when Nathan took a vehicle that Jenelle had parked in a long term airport parking lot, while she was carousing in Florida. While rumors are swirling about the charges, the TRUTH is being buried, and Griffith is once again, being hung out to dry.

A tax document in Griffith’s name proves that the vehicle in question belongs to him. 

Natahn_Jenelle_Teen Mom

Griffith simply claimed his own property, when Jenelle’s back was turned, while vacationing in Florida.Griffith and Evans have a volatile history, so one could argue that to repossess the vehicle in her absence, was actually in an effort to maintain peace. So why the arrest? Griffith was arrested for not dumping the contents of the car in an airport parking lot, which translated to “stealing” the contents of the vehicle.

Jenelle herself blasted him for taking “my property that’s IN the car,” also accusing Nathan of wanting “all of Kaiser’s [their toddler child] stuff” to prove that he is a caring parent. The truth is that Nathan was busted for simply not dumping his son’s stroller in a public parking lot.

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Jenelle’s fans will be relieved to know that she has bought herself a new ride, and is proudly showing off her new deluxe vehicle on her Instagram page.


Jenelle has an impressive history of getting her exes arrestedNathan joined Kieffer Delp, Gary Head, and Courtland Rogers in the not-so-elite club of Jenelle’s calculated success stories. The ex-lovers have all pissed Jenelle off, and have all been systematically arrested, after being set up by MTV’s most vindictive train wreck. Jenelle initiated the warrant for Nathan’s arrest, rather than simply attempting to collect Kaiser’s things.

Another day, another arrest, for a guy who dared to cross Jenelle Evans. 


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