Jenelle Evans & David Eason Taunt Nathan After Getting Son Kaiser Back Amid Abuse Claims!

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Jenelle Evans - Teen Mom 2

Tensions exploded just in time for the 4th of July between Jenelle Evans, her husband David Eason and her son Kaiser’s dad, Nathan Griffith.

On July 1, Kaiser’s paternal grandmother, Doris Davidson, and his dad, Nathan, refused to return the 4-year-old to his mother Jenelle Evans, despite an existing court agreement. The two have accused step-daddy David of abusing Kaiser.

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But Jenelle and David managed to get Kaiser back on July 3 and took to social media to gloat over their victory. The Teen Mom 2 star shared a short video of Kaiser playing at their home, on Instagram stories.

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That video was followed by David blasting Nathan in a ferocious Instagram post, “Operation bring Kaiser home was a great success! Too bad Nathan was in Florida, he missed the whole thing as well as his “visit.” 

David continued his rant, “So worried about your son but you predictably skip town again while your child stays home with your sickly mother!… What a great father to rip a kid out of his loving home for the satisfaction that you can talk shit online and make me look bad? I’ve never made up lies about your b*tch a** because I dont give a f**k about you. Make up some more lies buddy because you are just burying yourself. Everyone can see through you and what you dont realize is you really just f**ked up!”

Jenelle Evans - Teen Mom 2

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According to Nathan, he found bruises on Kaiser during a recent visit and refused to return the toddler to his mother and her allegedly violent husband, David. Nathan called 911 and pleaded with the police for their assistance.

“He said David hit him with a stick.” “This is not okay,” The dad told 911 about Kaiser, and he didn’t want to give Kaiser back to his ex Evans, “I’m freaking out right now.”

As previously reportedDoris Davidson filed an emergency order for temporary full custody of Kaiser in September 2017. In court documents filed with North Carolina’s New Hanover County, Davidson levied a litany of shocking claims against the reality mom.

“The minor child has been in a constant state of congestion for the past several months but never seem to get better every time he visited,” Davidson wrote about Kaiser’s serious congestion.

“On March 2, 2017 the proposed Intervenor took the minor child to Grand Strand Pediatrics where they prescribed a nebulizer. March 19, 2017 he was sick again with a runny nose and congestion. Upon information and belief plaintiff does not use the nebulizer on minor child.”

Jenelle and David share daughter Ensley, 15 months, and she’s also mom to Jace, 8, and Kaiser, 4, from previous relationships.

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Share your thoughts on Kaiser returning home toJenelle Evans and David amid abuse allegations  —  do you think that’s where the child belongs? Sound off in the comments!

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