Drug Use While Pregnant, Child Endangerment: Inside Jenelle Evans NEW Custody War With Kaiser’s Grandmother!

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Jenelle Evans‘ dark reality is being exposed courtesy of her son’s grandmother!

The Teen Mom 2 star was blasted in court documents by her son, Kaiser Griffith’s, incensed paternal grandmother — Doris Davidson.

Nathan Griffith’s mother filed an emergency request to gain full custody of KaiserThe documents describe an inattentive reality mom, who’s actions are injurious to the welfare of Kaiser, 3.

The grandmother feels the MTV star’s custodial rights should be revoked because Jenelle allegedly tested positive for marijuana when she was pregnant with her daughter, Ensley Eason.

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In court documents filed with North Carolina’s New Hanover County, Davidson levies a litany of shocking claims against the troubled mom.

“The minor child has been in a constant state of congestion for the past several months but never seem to get better every time he visited,” Davidson wrote about Kaiser’s serious congestion.

“On March 2, 2017 the proposed Intervenor took the minor child to Grand Strand Pediatrics where they prescribed a nebulizer. March 19, 2017 he was sick again with a runny nose and congestion. Upon information and belief plaintiff does not use the nebulizer on minor child.”

And Davidson is not the only grandmother holding the reality TV mom accountable for her actions, Jenelle’s own mother, Barbara Evans, “has recently expressed that she is also extremely concerned regarding the minor child,” according to Davidson.

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Ms. Davidson recalls an incident where Jenelle locked Kaiser and his older brother, Jace, out of the house in the hot weather.

“Upon information and belief, Jace and the minor child Kaiser were locked out of the house on a very hot day and not allowed back in for a very long time.”

Then in another disturbing event, documents reveal that Jenelle failed to properly care for Kaiser and Jace.

“On Friday, July 28, 2017 the proposed Intervenor went to Plaintiffs home to pick up the minor child the minor child was in the yard alone. Plaintiffs yard is a wooded area. The proposed Intervenor stopped her vehicle immediately in fear that the minor child would run in front of the car. The minor child and Plaintiffs pit bull we’re the only ones around,” the documents stated.

“After several minutes, Plaintiff finally noticed the vehicle and came running out apologizing that she didn’t realize the minor child was outside alone. Prior to this day, Plaintiffs oldest child was lost in the woods for two hours due to improper supervision.”

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On August 25, 2017, Jenelle neglected to arrange for child care while she attended the MTV VMAs in California. 

“I sent Plaintiff a text asking when she would be there. There was no response. The proposed Intervenor then called her cell phone and there was no answer. The proposed Intervenor became a little alarmed so she called her mother, Barbara Evans. Barbara informed the proposed Intervenor that Plaintiff was in LA for the MTV Awards so there was no way she would be there for the exchange.”

Davidson explained that, “David called and said that Plaintiff had told her they would be gone until Tuesday. The proposed Intervenor told David no one had notified her anything about it and Plaintiff’s text messages made no mention of them going to the MTV Music Awards was mentioned and not getting back until Tuesday.”

Kaiser’s granny details Jenelle’s inability to care for her grandson and why she’s seeking full custody.

“Plaintiff has admitted she does not know how to deal with Kaiser and that is why she placed him in daycare. Plaintiff does not work out of the home but chooses to have the minor child in daycare five out of seven days.”

“Over the course of the last few years, the proposed Intervenor has tried to remain civil and cordial with plaintiff during her rants. All the proposed intervenor has ever wanted was the best for the minor child, and two into his safety and security.”


MTV cameras document the reality TV star’s harsh treatment of her 3-year-old toddler, do you think that will play into Jenelle’s new custody war?


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