#TeenMom2 David Eason’s Sister Accuses Jenelle Evans of Drug Use, Pill Shopping & Unfit Mothering — Jenelle Responds!

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David Eason‘s sister is blowing the gate off of Jenelle Evans‘ white picket fence!

Former wild child Jenelle Evans claims to have cleaned up her act, but shocking new claims made by the Teen Mom 2‘s future sister-in-law, paints a picture of a mom continuing to sabotage her life through substance abuse, anger, and obsession. 

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Jessica Eason Miller, is the older sister of Jenelle‘s fiancé, David Eason. Jessica and Jenelle use to be very close and she is alleging that Jenelle routinely uses drugs — even most recently while pregnant with her third child, Ensley Jolie Eason. She dropped the bombshell on her personal Facebook,

“Ya Smoked weed while pregnant.”

She spills more drug use secrets and reveals Jenelle struggles with parenting her kids.

“Don’t u have some rehab and custody court to attend to?” 

“Don’t come at me ya drug addict pawning ya kids off left and right cuz you can’t handle them without David or my mama there to help u outta bed!” 

Read the entire post below.

Jenelle is currently in a bitter custody war with her mother, Barbara Evans, over her 7-year-old son, Jace. Jessica‘s damaging unfit mother claims would be detrimental to her case, if she’s subpoenaed to give testimony. 

What started the drama? As reported on Thursday, Jessica and Jenelle‘s drama ignited earlier this week when David‘s son Kaden, along with his ex, Olivia Leedham, visited Jessica‘s home. The happy family reunion triggered a massive blow out between the ladies.

The mudslinging didn’t stop there, Jessica blasted the Teen Mom for drug shopping prescription pills! Jenelle has been rumored to visit numerous facilities to try and receive multiple prescriptions for the same condition. Jessica wrote,

“I mean they both look like zombies on camera.” David‘s sister continues, “obviously since jenelle hospital shops for nerve pills.. Seen in w my own eyes while I was working at NHRMC! She’s pathetic. My brother deserves better and ill take names and numbers.”

Despite Jenelle‘s denials of recent drug abuse, Miller‘s scathing allegations confirm what many Teen Mom viewers have long speculated. Jessica continues to throw the mom of three under the bus.  
“she deserves the crack life style she has become accustomed to..”
“Barely able to speak and searching for her next fix. Gross.”

Jessica once again, reiterated yesterday’s message that Jenelle will not control Kaden Eason‘s reentry to the family. She wrote,

“To clarify, I love my dearest little brother David.. I love his children Kaden, Maryssa, Ensley, along w Kaiser and jace. I hope this passes for the sake of our close knit family, as we have always been a close family. Ups and downs here and there, which is normal. If people want to be petty and not see the big picture of my actions to benefit our family.. Then please, have several seats. And you WILL NOT BE DICTATING what happens in this arrangement, trust me sweetie! And the insults only make me lmao.. You are farrrrrrr from the boss in this area code baby girl.. This isn’t MTV sweetie.. And Youre nobody around here 😉 #nottheshotcaller.”

Jessica concluded her rant with a final message for her former friend.

Of course Jenelle was not going to let Jessica‘s attack go unanswered nor allow her the last word. The MTV train wreck took to Facebook to diss David‘s sister in a series of now deleted posts.

Jessica and her husband have babysat Jenelle and David‘s kids countless times.

With alleged habits of dangerous drug use and larceny made about David‘s sister and her husband — why would Jenelle allow supposed criminals to regularly babysit her kids while she jet sets across the country and hops on red carpets? Surely, Jenelle‘s claims can’t help in her custody war with Barbara.

Jenelle presents an image of a stable mom with a new home in front of MTV cameras, however, behind closed doors her reckless ways seemingly roll on.

Will the MTV cameras catch any of Jenelle and David‘s drug use and ‘zombie,’ shenanigans? Stay tuned. 


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