Shocking! Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend David Eason Posts Sexually Provocative Photo Of Her Son — Twitter Calls Police! #TeenMom2

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Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom2

Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, has hooked up with the wrong guy, and the trashy love affair has taken a shockingly disturbing turn. Earlier today, Jenelle’s live-in boyfriend, David Eason, posted a photo of one year old Kaiser, with his hand down his diaper, on his Instagram page.

The toddler is the son of Jenelle and her ex-fiancee, Nathan Griffith. David Eason strangely boasts a verified user account on Instagram, when just months ago, he was a flunky with a criminal record, looking to hook up with MTV’s biggest train wreck.

Below is a portion of the image with the child’s face removed, All About the Tea chose not to repost the entire image due to the inappropriate nature of the photo. 

Dave Easton posted Jenelle Evans son in a diaper_Teen Mom 5

The flaunted photo of an innocent baby exploring this body, is disturbing on all levels. Snapping the pic is suspicious enough, but to post such a photo shatters all boundaries of appropriate content, and raises huge questions of influence, and motive. It takes ONE SECOND for someone to grab the shot, and post it on a kiddie-porn site, and Eason knows it.

Eason’s followers chimed in, with most blasting the inappropriate post, along with the highly disturbing hashtags.

Comments about the pic of Jenelle's son_Teen Mom 2

The photo was up for 21 minutes, before Instagram responded to child pornography accusations, and removed the post.

Kaiser is NOT Eason’s child — and Eason is NOT married or even engaged to Kaiser’s mother. Eason maintains a horrible track-record in the parenting department, and does not have custody of his own children.

Griffith responded to the disgustingly out of line post, via Twitter. Evans has not allowed Griffith in Kaiser’s life for months — and the couple is gearing up for a custody battle. 

Jenelle responded to Griffith’s upset by launching a sick counterattack, insinuating that Nathan had somehow been involved in a child molestation scenario, as a boy. This sadistic twist in the story reveals much about an MTV star, who will use anything to deflect, taunt and bully anyone who calls her out.

Jenelle Evans and Nate tweet about Kaiser_Teen Mom 2

Evans used the same strategy in August of 2013, with ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp, whom she also humiliated on Twitter, with child molestation innuendo.   

Kieffer tweet_Teen Mom 2_Jenelle

Social media exploded, and horrified onlookers reached out to the Wilmington, NC authorities, demanding action.

We are watching this story closely — stay tuned.


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