Jenelle Evans’ Allows Boyfriend David Eason To Berate Her Baby Son & Ex “He’s A Little Screaming Bitch” #TeenMom2

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Jenelle_Dave_Screaming at Kai_Teen Mom2 Final

The season finale of Teen Mom 2 exposed a darker side of Jenelle Evans’ current boyfriend, David Eason.

Footage reveals Eason scolding and verbally bashing Jenelle’s children, six-year-old Jace, and Kaiser, who is one. Jenelle and Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith, recently went to court, where they hammered out a visitation schedule, and resolved a child support squabble. Their relationship remains strained.

Viewers witnessed Evans’ live-in-boyfriend and his daughter joining Jenelle’s family for a day of fishing. Eason lost patience early on, and blasted a noisy Jace, en route, in the car.

“Hey! No screaming Jace,” he barked. “You’re 6 year’s old. Do not scream like a little girl. It’s not funny or a joke to scream like that. It’s so aggravating.”

Kaiser later became fussy, and Eason was seen grabbing him, and harshly  speaking to and about him.

Jenelle_Dave_Screaming at Kai_Teen Mom2 Final

“Son I wish you would quit screaming,” he said before remarking to a friend, “He just won’t never stop screaming unless you give him exactly what he wants all the time. He takes after his daddy, he’s a little screaming b*tch.”

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Jenelle_Dave_Screaming at Kai_Teen Mom2 Final

Eason stubbornly continued to create drama, later refusing to bring Jace home to Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, demanding that she meet them halfway.

“You’re going to have to meet us or you can come all the way to the house to get him,” he said. “She’s not playing this f**king game because I’m not going to have it. I’m not going to put up with nobody’s bulls*it.”

Evans ended the season the same way as she started it, arguing and screaming at her mother to give her back her son. Evans fired back, when Barbara called David “crazy.”

“He’s not crazy you idiot! He didn’t have me go to court. Before I met David I was bringing you to court!”

Barbara accused the couple of brainwashing Jace against her, and Eason responded by barking that Jace needed a more stable environment — with them. Jenelle dramatically responded to the episode on Twitter.

A different guy, but the same old story for MTV’s most notorious Teen Mom. Reality may bite — but it pays the bills.


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