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#TeenMom2 Jenelle Evans Posts Steamy Photos Kissing Fiance After Shocking Custody War Emerges Over Kaiser!

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What custody war?

Just days after Nathan Griffith’s mother filed an emergency request to gain full custody of her grandson, his mother seems oblivious to the shocking claims.

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On Sunday, Jenelle Evans‘ fiance, David Eason posted steamy photos of the couple making out, just days after the emergency custody filing was announced.

The ride or die couple seem totally unbothered they may lose custody of 3-year-old, Kaiser Griffith. The Teen Mom 2 star is embroiled in a new custody dispute with Kaiser’s grandmother, Doris Davidson.

As reported, the grandmother wants the MTV star’s custodial rights completely revoked.  

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Ms. Davidson
filed a petition with North Carolina’s New Hanover County on September 1, seeking full custody of her grandson. The documents describe an inattentive reality mom, whose actions are injurious to the welfare of her child. 

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In the court documents, Ms. Davidson makes some serious and shocking claims:

  • Drug Use: Jenelle’s 9-month-old baby, Ensley Eason, tested positive for marijuana at the time of her birth in January 2017. The documents reveal that DSS (Department of Social Services) investigated and discovered both Evans and her fiancé, David Eason (Ensley’s father) — had marijuana in their system. 
  • Child Abuse: Kaiser has unusual bruises and marks on “several occasions” and Eason has used “inappropriate and excessive discipline” on her grandson, which included spanking the child with harsh force. In the documents, it was stated that Kaiser told his grandmother, “Nana, David punched me,” making motions of being hit in the face. 
  • Harassment:  Jenelle sent Kaiser’s grandmother nasty text messages and the reality TV star has “sporadic mood swings where she screams and curses.”
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After the bombshell custody filing was reported, Jenelle released a statement to E! News:

“Our lawyers are talking today. Doris made accusations but I can tell you that Barbara has a lot to do with them … Doris threw her own son under the bus by admitting that he has pending felonies and possibly on drugs. Her emergency filing was against me and Nathan Both … I can tell you that they are allegations, mostly driven by my mom. Our lawyers are working out a new agreement.”

Nathan’s mom requested the court require Jenelle undergo mandatory drug testing and a psychological evaluation.


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