EXCLUSIVE: Jenelle Evans’ Permits Boyfriend Dave Eason’s Criminal & Racist Family To Care For Her Son Kaiser #TeenMom2

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Jenelle Evans is set to be tried before a jury today, facing assault charges after the Teen Mom 2 star was accused of striking her ex-fiancee, Nathan Griffith’s girlfriend, with a glass.

Jenelle’s reality has been peppered with arrests, with the alleged attack on Jessica Henry, just one out of 16 mugshot illustrated incidents. Evans, 24, is facing yet another legal battle — one that will determine the fate of the child she shares with Griffith

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Janelle and Nathan, 28, are preparing to battle for custody, and the damaging evidence continues to mount, against the reality diva. Social media, along with MTV footage, give legs to Griffith’s complaints, which accuse Jenelle of maliciously keeping the ex-couple’s one-year-old son from his father. Evans appears to be using Kaiser Orion Griffith as a pawn in a scorned lover’s game — but another disturbing factor speaks to who else is being trusted to care for the little boy. What quality of character defines the individuals who step in, while Jenelle is living the life of a jet-setting reality star, or simply taking breaks from being a young mom? 

Two key figures are noted in custody documents filed by Griffith’s lawyer, Megan A. Milliken. Jenelle’s current live-in-lover, David Eason, and her off and on bestie, ex-roomie, and partner-in-crime, Victoria aka Tori Rhyne.

Jenelle's custody court document_Teen Mom 2 (2)

Jenelle's custody court document_Teen Mom 2 (1)

Tori Rhyne was the first dominant outside presence in baby Kaiser’s life, after Evans and Griffith split. Rhyne, 23, and Evans share a lengthy, drug-laced history, which has spottily played out to the MTV audience. Rhyne moved in with Jenelle and Kaiser in September of 2015, and the baby was routinely left in the alleged drug user’s care. Social media evidence not only captured Evans referring to Rhyne as a “nanny,” but also exposed the duo with a marijuana pipe, cheesing for the camera. Tori boasts a November 2011 DUI conviction, and a very recent April 13 arrest, for possession of heroine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. Tori regularly cares for Kaiser, while Jenelle vacations, and travels around the country, to glitzy MTV-related events. Griffith has been shut out of such opportunities, to step in and care for his son. There is simply no argument that would support Tori Rhyne, as a responsible or appropriate caregiver to any child.

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Rhyne was replaced, when Jenelle snagged another soulmate, who quickly moved into Jenelle’s heart, and into her home. David Martin Eason, a 27 –year-old welder from Wilmington, NC, is the current major influence in Kaiser’s life. Eason boasts a lengthy rap sheet, which includes 2012 convictions for obtaining property illegally, possession of drug paraphernalia, breaking and entering, larceny, and damaging property. He spent four months in prison, at the end of 2014, and shacked up with Jenelle about 9 months later.

Just last month, Eason was arrested, after violating a domestic violence protective order, involving his young son. He recently faced a social media firestorm, after posting an inappropriate Instagram photo of Kaiser, captioning the pic with shocking language, and hashtags. Local NC authorities were hammered with demanding tweets, blasting Eason’s disturbing action. 

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Eason’s extended family has also volunteered to take care of Kaiser — which presents a whole new disturbing dynamic to the already twisted story. Eason’s family is riddled with shady characters, all eager to jump aboard, and ride the Jenelle wave of trashy-fame.


Family members have been observed marveling at their jumped social media followings, and sharing hopes to cash in on their distant MTV fame-connection. A look at Eason’s family on social media, reveals a shocking laundry list of disturbing details.

Dave's family Jenelle Teen mom 2

Eason’s brother-in-law, Daniel Miller, is seen proudly waving a confederate flag, and participating in a horrifyingly graphic racist prank. Miller’s wife, Jennifer, has five children, who bear four different last names.

Dave's bro in law racist _Jenelle- teen mom 2

Eason family Facebook conversations reveal the “N” word thrown around casually.

Dave's family tweet - teen mom 2 jenelle evans__

Eason’s sister, April, was captured lashing out on Twitter, using vulgar and volatile language.

Dave's family nasty tweet Teen Mom 2 Jenelle

Eason’s brother, Jamie, and girlfriend, Heather, have drawn attention, after an allegedly shady gofundme account was discovered, bearing Heather’s identity. Heather has been purportedly begging for handouts, under false pretenses.

Dave's family nasty tweet Teen Mom 2 Jenelle

According to Brunswick County arrest records obtained by All About the Tea, Jamie Eason was arrested on April 8, 2016, on a probation violation. Jamie and Heather were recently snapped in a photo, holding Kaiser.

Jenelle has kept her own reality scandalous, with local rumors swirling, alleging that Evans is falling back into her old junkie habits. A recent episode of Teen Mom 2 featured a seemingly altered Evans, bringing back memories, of the good ol’ high days. She was also recently charged with cyberstalking—allegedly pushing the envelope, in a seemingly never-ending love/hate war, with Griffith.

Stay tuned, as Jenelle faces the music today—and the battle for Kaiser continues.


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