#SouthernCharm Kathryn Dennis Forcibly Kicked Out Of Son’s Christening For Alleged Drug Fueled Outburst — Thomas Ravenel Responds!

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Drama seems to follow the cast of Southern Charm — both on and off camera.

Bravo producers were absent for the Easter baptism of St. Julien Rembert Ravenel, the eighteen-month-old baby of Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis. But a barefoot Kathryn was so disruptive during the ceremony that she was “physically removed” from the ceremony.

Kathryn spoke out of turn numerous times and used profanity. “It was pretty ugly. It was a travesty.”A witness told Fitsnews. Under Thomas’s orders, Kathryn was “forcibly escorted from the premises.”

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T-Rav disputes this, saying that his 300 guests will back him up. He did not have Kathryn removed — she left on her of her own accord. Thomas threatened to sue Fitsnews over the accusations that Kathryn was in any way “manhandled.”

Kathryn attended the ceremony with her mother. Her father wasn’t invited. According to witnesses, Kathryn accused Thomas’ nanny, Deirdre Politelli, of sleeping with her baby daddy. During the event, Kathryn repeatedly interrupted the service by accusing Thomas of having various sexual affairs and venting her frustration at not being able to see the children.

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As exclusively reported by AllAboutTheTea.com — Kathryn’s drug abuse issues have been well documented. One witness thought she was under the influence during the christening.

“I don’t want to say she was on something, but she was really acting out of character. The behavior wasn’t normal — but it was seemingly representative of what the allegations are against her.”

Sources close to Kathryn deny she was using drugs. She was merely upset at being left out of her son’s christening. She had no say in the planning and no role in the ceremony. She was “invited like she was (Ravenel)’s cleaning lady, not like a mother.”

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Kathryn wanted to coordinate their son’s christening, an important day, together, as they are both St. Julien’s parents, but Thomas would not allow her any role.”

As reported, Thomas was awarded full custody on a temporary basis over the summer and the two will meet again on April 20 for a mediation hearing. Their custody battle is still in play, and both camps claim to have dirt on the other. 

So, do you think Kathryn should have even been invited? Or should Thomas have allowed Kathryn to participate in the ceremony?


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