Exclusive: #SouthernCharm’s Kathryn Dennis’ Alleged Cocaine Dealer & Roommate Revealed As Thomas Ravenel’s Neighbor “Laura”

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Kathryn Dennis piqued the interest of Southern Charm fans Monday night — when she pegged a side character — featured in a brief moment with Thomas Ravenel, as an alleged cocaine dealer.

“Laura” had a mini flirt with T-Rav during the episode, and that was enough to set Kathryn off on Twitter. In a since deleted tweet posted during the episode, Kathryn fired off the criminal accusation.

Kathryn obviously did not stop and think — because the inadvertent reveal pointed to the fact that she could peg an alleged supplier in a hot second. The story doesn’t stop there — because a local source has since come forward, spilling even more tea about Laura and the troubled reality star.

Kathryn actually lived with Thomas’ neighbor, Laura, for awhile, during the last year/ year and half. Most people assumed that she was Kathryn’s dealer,” dished the source. “Not only that, but Kathryn stole from Laura, when they lived together.” 

The source’s info explains how Kathryn knew instantaneously that “Laura” was an alleged drug dealer. According to our exclusive insider, the relationship between Kathryn and Laura was a shady one — defined by drugs and theft.

Will Kathryn continue to expose herself, as the season progresses?

Watch Southern Charm, Monday nights, on Bravo. 


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