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EXPOSED! Kathryn Dennis’ Nanny Reveals Horrific Child Care By Drug Addict Mom — ‘Unbathed, Dirty Clothes & Matted Hair’

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The custody battle between Southern Charm stars, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis rages on — and the war is far from over.

AllAboutTheTea.com broke the story of Kathryn’s life-changing drug test fail — which resulted in Thomas gaining custody of the couple’s two children.

New court documents reveal that Thomas renewed his bid for sole custody in December, claiming that Kathryn continues to stall in fulfilling her court ordered drug tests. Last week, Kathryn lost her bid to keep her medical and mental health records out of the discussion, after being ordered to hand over all records dating back to January 2013. The order includes health records relating to the reality star’s stint in rehab, last summer.

Kensie and St. Julien Rembert Ravenel at home with dad

Court docs obtained by the DailyMail.com expose troubling insight from Deidre Blair Politelli, the nanny who cares for the ex-couple’s children. Deidre and her daughter both testified in the case after the original filing last May — and the details are horrifying.

Deidre described finding a ‘bong or handmade smoking device’ in Kathryn’s home, adding,

“Night after night Kathryn would leave to go out…Most of these nights Kathryn would return between 1am and 5am…Typically she got up between 12.30pm and 3pm in the afternoon.”

Kathryn’s lifestyle significantly interfered with her ability to care for and be engaged in the daily lives of her children,” Deidre said.

Deidre described Kathryn’s mental state — one which she believed confused reality with her life as a TV personality.   

“Kathryn seemed to look at her children as if they were toys or props and not real children, with real needs,” Deidre stated. “She appeared to not know the difference between her reality and TV reality. This led to constant panic attacks, personal attacks, and creating things in her mind that did not happen.”

‘The children have been consistently returned to Thomas’s house reeking of cigarette smoke, unbathed, in dirty clothes, with matted hair,” Deidre revealed. “On more than one occasion I have picked SJR (St Julian Rembert) up from Kathryn’s with such matted hair, from it not being brushed or combed, that I was forced to cut the knots out of his hair.”

Deidre Politelli’s daughter, Paige, 19, testified that Kathryn told her that  she “drank red wine and took Adderall all during her pregnancy.”

Thomas reading to daughter Kensie

In September, Kathryn was granted supervised visitation with the kids every other weekend. As reported ongoing drug screening evasions could be putting the little time she spends with her children at risk.

Kensie celebrating her 3rd birthday with dad and family

Kathryn is boasting a fresh start on the new season of the Bravo hit — but her alleged reluctance to comply with the court raises doubts about what has  really been going on behind the scenes.

Southern Charm airs Monday nights, on Bravo.


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