EXCLUSIVE: Kathryn Dennis Attacks Bravo Production Crew In A Fit Of Rage! “She Broke A $5,000 Camera” #SouthernCharm

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Not everything is so charming in Charleston — the reality landscape of Southern Charm. The two-part reunion begins tonight, and a source is spilling backstory tea, on the woman who turned Season 3 upside down.

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Viewers witnessed cast members running like the wind from Kathryn Dennis during season 3, often facing criticism for keeping their distance. An insider explains that disturbing drama went down behind the scenes, heightening tension within the cast. Upsetting episodes, and erratic outbursts allegedly polluted filming — repelling several of Kathryn’s cast mates. A source close to the action explains that the attitudes of several in the cast, stem from nightmare experiences.

“People in the cast have seen Kathryn spit at crew members and throw lit cigarettes at them. Once she broke a $5000 camera in a fit of rage,” the insider tells AllAboutTheTea.Com.

The filming went down on the heels of a custody hearing where Kathryn was busted for having drugs in her system, triggering a favorable custody scenario for her ex, Thomas Ravenel. Much of the third season, revolved around debating what was considered fair treatment of the cast wild child.

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The cast was often splintered, over what was sometimes considered a freeze-out, of a vulnerable single mom. The source says that staying way out of the Kathryn zone, was a no brainer. 

“None of the cast are snobs, but they truly never knew if or when she [Kathryn] was going to have a psychotic episode.”

The insider holds hope that the truth will come out, and that the decisions to avoid Kathryn, will later be understood.

“Hopefully more will come to light after the reunion, so that her [Kathryn’s]  situation is no longer glamorized, and that she is shown to not be the victim of unfair exclusion,” the source concludes.

The first installment of the Southern Charm reunion kicks off tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET.


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