Jim Marchese’s Tell-All Book Release Date, Book Price & NEW Exclusive Details Released

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Friend of the blog, Jim Marchese, has big news to share about the book that is expected to rock the foundation of reality television. 

The former star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, is currently composing the explosive book, Putting the “REAL” Back in Housewives (aka the uncensored Cohen Diaries)

Marchese’s no-holds-barred analysis will expose the truth via an insider’s experience, putting Bravo’s “reality” on blast. Hold on to your remote control, because you may never look at your favorite ‘Housewife’ the same again. Jim gave us a preview of the sure-shot bestseller, giving us a sneak-peek of the sure to be juicy read.

In Part One, Marchese outlines his objective with the book, as told by the most polarizing cast addition to date. Jim writes, “The purpose of this book is to blow the lid off of the Housewives facade, and present a behind the scenes look at the Housewives franchise, as it has never been told before.”  Marchese dishes on the biggest scandal of  last season’s New Jersey, and spills the real tea behind “Motherfu**ergate.” Click here to read part 1.

In Part Two, Jim continues to spill the tea, exposing Bravo’s contrived plan, which unfolded successfully during the cast trip to Florida. An insider look at one of the craziest episodes in ‘Housewives’ history is a first, and Marchese  backs up his story, with photographic evidence. Click here to read part 2.

In Part three, Jim continues to blast the real truth behind his experience, offering production email evidence, and specific timelines, further exposing Bravo’s orchestrated objectives. Read more insider details about the Florida “vacation” that exploded, all by pre-planned network design. Click here to read part 3.

Jim and Amber Marchese-RHONJ

In Part Four, Jim reveals never before seen outlines of pre-determined scenes, wardrobe, and cast expectations, written and emailed from a RHONJ segment producer, to Jim’s wife, Amber MarcheseJim exposes how Bravo creates contrived scenarios, influences dialogue, manipulates direction, and strategically controls environments, to pull off their pre-determined dramatic goals.  Andy Cohen is nailed as the puppet-master behind the fakery. Click here to read part 4.

Jim’s book has created a firestorm of social media interaction. We have learned exclusively that the buzz swirling around the project has inspired Jim’s publisher to bump up the book’s release date, to late spring. 

An exclusive Jersey insider claims that Bravo is shooting for a spring premiere date for RHONJ, which may create a perfect collision of reality controversy, for fans and critics alike. The book will be offered for $24.99, pre-order price. 

Contrary to widespread rumor, Jim clarified that Brooks Ayers is not collaborating on the project. Jim explained that the writing process was progressing too rapidly, and in addition, Ayers was shut down by a cease and desist letter, issued by Bravo. On this #TeresaTuesday, it is interesting to note that Marchese used no co-writer, in penning his book. Unlike Bravo’s favorite felon darling, Jim has the academic chops to pull off a winner, on his own. 

We CAN’T WAIT for Jim Marchese to take his readers behind the gates of the ‘Housewives’ phenomenon, and dish the REAL insider dirt behind Bravo’s “reality.” BRAVO Jim!   


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