EXCLUSIVE: Newly Released Excerpts From Jim Marchese’s Tell-All Book Exposing ‘Real Housewives’ Deception — Part 3

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Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jim Marchese, is releasing another exclusive excerpt of his upcoming tell-all book to All About the Tea.

Putting the “REAL” Back in Housewives (aka the Uncensored Cohen Diaries) will leave you jumping on the inside. Marchese plans to deliver the juice to nourish souls with his salacious tell-all of contrived reality TV drama.

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We continue during the season six cast Florida group getaway. Marchese further exposes Bravo’s supposed manipulation in the outcome of their “reality” series. We start with Dina Manzo asking Amber and Jim Marchese to leave her “friend’s” house.

“Now, I know that you all were excited when Dina ‘asked us to leave,’ but sorry, that was pre-planned too.  That’s right, she could not throw us out, because it was Bravo’s set.  There was no “friend of Dina’s who owned the home,” nor was the boat they used borrowed.  It was also rented by the studio.  After she threw Amber and I out, we sat with production and had car service take us to the beach resort. It worked out well, I was able to go to the pool with my wife for the day,  and fly home early next morning.  You guessed it, the entire premise of the trip was a façade.  Every year,  Bravo has the Housewives go on a vacation. They script in some stupid reason to get all housewives in a physical location, where  they can create animosity, and feed them large quantities of alcohol. This year I was put into the trip to create some drama, after all, Teresa was going to jail and Dina was a not “bringing it”.  I know, you think that I am just making this up.”  

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Marchese continues to spill the tea.

“OK, how about this?  Remember the “pool boy” the girls loved so much?  Wait for it…yup, that was a producer stealing some TV time. His name is Jeff M, and he was not a pool boy, he was a producer. Jeff reported to Brandon P., who was the top producer for the south jersey team. Anyone who watches the “Shahs of Sunset” would recognize his production style. He likes it sleazy, dark and very cruel.  This is one reason why the South Jersey group always looked weird, and was asked to do the dirty work, while Teresa, Dina and Melissa were kept out of the nasty stuff.  They wanted the North Jersey team to look good, and the South Jersey team to rip each other apart.   I have included an email dated  February 10, 2014 which shows that I was only supposed to be on set for 1 day.  Brandon P sent me the travel Itinerary, which shows Amber was set to go for 4 days.  I attached pictures of “Jeff M” the segment producer from the Season 6  episode called “Day of the Jacqueline.”  Also attached is the email from Brandon P from Sirens media, which shows that I was only to be there for one day, along with the Bravo itinerary.”

Below is a screenshot of an email from the show’s senior producer, Brandon P. to Jim and Amber Marchese with details of the Florida trip logistics. Take notice that Jim is scheduled to only stay one day unlike the other househusbands….how “real” was Dina kicking out the Marcheses the next day?

Jim Marchese Email

“My closing argument is simple. If the trip was scheduled on February 10, 2014,  and we were to arrive in Florida March 10, 2014, how is it that Bravo knew 30 days in advance that I would be at the Boca house for only one night? Moreover, why is Jeff from production in a scene, if the script did not call for a “pool boy?” After all, no one thought Dina’s friend should be a pool boy. The script called for Dina to be glamorous, and to have wealthy friends, so this was part of her character. She certainly could not be seen making drinks, or working in the kitchen like a “normal housewife.” There can be no question that the defendants are guilty as charged!” 

With each new narrative released, Marchese gives us the morsels of truth we crave. Stay tuned, as Marchese continues to shine light on the actual truth behind Bravo’s “reality.”


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