EXCLUSIVE: Jim Marchese Rips The Lid Off Bravo’s #RHONJ In Tell-All Book — Production Emails Exposed!

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Jim Marchese_RHONJ

Jim Marchese’s work in progress, a book entitled, Putting the “REAL” back in Housewives (aka the uncensored Cohen Diaries), will take  readers behind the gates of the Bravo ‘Housewives’ phenomenon. 

Marchese’s no-holds-barred analysis will expose the truth via an insider’s experience, putting Bravo’s “reality” on blast. Hold on to your remote control, because you may never look at your favorite ‘Housewife’ the same again.

Marchese asserts that Bravo contrived scenarios and influenced dialogue, he tells All About the Tea,

“If we missed a beat, production wanted more drama, or a direction changed, we would be pulled into the kitchen and redirected.”

“The emails [from producers below] give an outline of the scenes, but once on set, the producers would literally feed each cast member lines to repeat…word for word.”

The below are outlines of pre-determined scenes, wardrobe, and cast expectations emailed from a RHONJ segment producer to Jim’s wife, Amber Marchese

Jim's Email Exposing Bravo_RHONJ

Email to Jim from RHONJ Producer 2

Marchese details how Bravo manipulates direction,

“Brandon P. (RHONJ producer) pulled Amber out of confession on Ash Wednesday, and ordered Amber to call Teresa and question her about the status of her case. Production had someone on Teresa’s end, to ensure that she was mic’d and recorded.” Jim adds, “This scene was done to create a bridge to the scene of Teresa crying on the floor and praying.”

As reported, fake characters were used in scenes,

“His name is Jeff M, he was not a pool boy, he was a producer.”

Jim maintains production strategically controlled environments,

“We were offered tons of alcohol, but no food.  We were restricted to the set, and could not leave to go eat.  By the time filming began, everyone was tipsy.” 

Marchese boldly nails Andy Cohen as the puppet master behind the scene,

“This lie repeatedly exalted by the puppet master himself.”

Andy Cohen’s quote from August 30, 2015 states,

“We’ve shown it [New Jersey Housewives] as a matter of fact, without editorialization. We showed his [James Marchese] behavior without any generalization. We left it on the viewers to make their own mind up.”

Jim Marchese is ripping the lid off the shady formula that defines Bravo’s game and this preview is only scratches the surface of Jim Marchese’s tell-all book. 

Keep up with Jim Marchese on Twitter.

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