EXCLUSIVE: Excerpts From Jim Marchese’s Explosive Book Exposing ‘Real Housewives’ Fakery — Part 2

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Real Housewives of New Jersey personality, Jim Marchese, is telling it like it is, and as reported, plans to blast his truth through a tell-all book.

Putting the “REAL” Back in Housewives (aka the Uncensored Cohen Diaries) will surely be a juicy read, and we are excited to offer you a second excerpt, to give our readers a peek inside the contrived drama. We pick up during the season six cast trip to Florida, where Jim continues to expose Bravo’s alleged manipulative end-game.    

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Marchese succeeded in completing Bravo’s dramatic mission, making one episode in particular, a crazy standout. Who could forget the drunken cast, the indignant ranting, and a certain newbie hiding in a bathroom? 

The Evidence

“The trip was planned, paid for by the studio, and the house was rented by the studio.  It was, in fact, across the street from Adam Sandler’s house in Boca, and had nothing to do with Dina.  There was not a “let’s go on vacation with Dina, Melissa and Teresa, before she goes to jail party.”  That scene was scripted as an excuse for us to drop the Rino/Santa bomb, and detract from Teresa’s criminal acts. “

“Teresa was never going, she was out on bail, and could not leave the state for filming.  Teresa was getting ready to plead guilty…do you really think that she was going to film in Florida before going to jail for a year?  The truth is that the house was for sale, and the studio contacted a real estate agency and rented it for the week.  Dina had nothing to do with it!  The whole storyline that she had a “friend” was complete bullshit.  They wanted to make her look like she had friends with money; she did not.”  

Marchese continues to spill the tea, detailing the unforgettable episode.   

“The truth is, we all went to a rented house that was set up a week in advance by Bravo, so the producers, security staff, and lighting could be set in different rooms.  The producers stayed in a room called “Video Village,” with several monitors, where they  tracked sound, lighting and scenes.  The other rooms were staged so we could film,  as well as go into the kitchen for direction outside of the cameras’ view.  If we missed a beat, if production wanted more drama, or a direction changed, we would be pulled into  the kitchen and redirected.”

“My entire exchange with Te-RES-A (aka twin #2) prior to the bomb being dropped, was a result of production sending her to insult me, on ten separate occasions.  When they failed to get a rise, TeRESA  physically assaulted me twice.  My reactions to the assaults were featured on the episode, but of course, they edited the physical assaults.  I didn’t care, it made my job easier when it came time to make the twins go Chernobyl.  It made me hated by the fans, but hey, that’s show biz.”

Jim provides the following photographic evidence to substantiate the claims he makes in his book. The former RHONJ star tells All About the Tea, production used a Bravo producer in a scene as a pool boy to present fake fabulosity on the Florida trip.

Collage RHONJ Jim Marchese

Most viewers have grown increasingly tuned in to Bravo’s manipulative production antics, but an insider’s story is indeed a first. Stay tuned, as Marchese continues to shine light on the actual truth behind Bravo’s “reality.”


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