EXCLUSIVE: First Look At RHONJ’s Jim Marchese’s Bombshell Book Exposing Fakery in Bravo’s Real Housewives

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Jim Marchese _RHONJ

Real Housewives of New Jersey personality, Jim Marchese, is telling it like it is, and as reported, plans to blast his truth through via a tell-all book. 

The book, which Jim is calling “Putting the “REAL” Back in Housewives (aka the Uncensored Cohen Diaries)” appears to be a juicy read, and promises to expose Bravo’s manipulative tricks, as told by the most polarizing cast addition to date.  

Jim has given All About the Tea exclusive excerpts from his upcoming book, which details the real truth behind a memorable slice of Bravo drama.      

“The purpose of this book is to blow the lid off of the Housewives facade, and present a behind the scenes look at the Housewives franchise, as it has never been told before. This story will be told through the eyes of it’s most notorious and brutal villain, as created by Bravo. This “no holds barred” analysis and tribunal will be brutal, yet tongue and cheek.In the end, viewers will either have their suspicions confirmed, or their worlds shattered, as nothing is real, and the whole Housewives Franchise is based upon a lie! This lie repeatedly exalted by the puppet master himself.” 

On October 30, Andy Cohen stated in an interview,

“We’ve shown it [New Jersey Housewives] as a matter of fact, without editorialization. We showed his [James Marchese] behavior without any generalization. We left it on the viewers to make their own minds up.” 

Jim addresses the scandalous gossip of last season’s New Jersey, and dishes on the real dirt behind “Motherfu**ergate.”

“The question that I am asked most is about whether I knew Rino and Santa (my Christmas forever ruined by this) had an affair.  The answer is no! This was 100% a production creation, Bravo 101, as I like to call it.  When I try to explain, most reply, “Why did you say it? That was brutal!” I answer….“it was in the script.”  I always get this weird look of disbelief. It is in that strange moment when time seems to stop, that uncomfortable pause when “reality TV and reality dare to intertwine into one consubstantial  moment.” However, I and all reality TV actors know the truth.  Andy has spun a tall tale, making millions believe that his fairytale Housewives world is real. Sensing that my position will be challenged for credibility, I do what any good attorney does. I set forth my proof, and act as prosecutor in chief.  And no, I do not take myself that seriously, just goofing.”

“I, James L Marchese MPA JD, hereby issue a true bill and indict Andy Cohen, Sirens Media, and Bravo TV for maliciously creating, scripting and choreographing the cruelest line on season 6 of RHONJ.  Their thirst for ratings recklessly humiliated several generations of the Aprea and Napolitano lineage. I submit to the you, the Grand Jury, evidence of the following facts to support the aforementioned charge.  In other words, I was sent to Florida for one purpose and one purpose only.  I had a 1 day ticket and my job was to blow up the entire trip, and cause drama by saying my infamous line, “no but I think he F*cked your mother.” The entire trip was predicated on that one line!”

Jim Marchese is blowing the lid off a reality facade that has rolled on, largely unchallenged, and obnoxiously confident. Jim shares a personal message with viewers, and future readers.

“I hope you enjoyed a short expert from the book. Just think, I have not even gotten into the good stuff about how Andy and the Sirens contributed to Teresa and Joe’s tax and criminal problems. Keep a look-out for my book!”

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