Truth Exposed! ‘Sister Wives’ Catfish Scandal Reveals Toxic Polygamist Reality

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Sister Wives

The stars of TLC’s Sister Wives have been on an ongoing crusade, seeking to legalize polygamy, in the state of Utah. The Browns were victorious in  the first round, and due to a cohabitation loophole, Utah based polygamists are no longer technically breaking the law. Basically, anyone can live with whomever, with the understanding that there will be no issuing of plural marriage licenses. 

Utah is fighting back, in an ongoing battle that has the potential to land in the Supreme Court. The catfish scandal has overshadowed the progressing dispute, and the salacious details have eclipsed the broader picture, whispering in the legal background. 

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Is there a connection between the dynamics within polygamist marriage, and Meri Brown’s tawdry affair with a female con, masquerading as a dream come true? What does the scandal surrounding Meri Brown reveal about the emotional  health within plural marriage? The question is pointedly relevant, considering the high-stakes lawsuit that is simmering in the background.

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First of all, Meri Brown identifies herself as a desperately lonely woman. She confessed to seeking “friendship” online, claiming that she was desperate to talk to people, even while surrounded by 20+ quasi-relatives.  She was likely nudged into the legal divorce from her husband, and when the supposed technical commitment was yanked away, she was markedly crushed. The tough reality is that Mare spends most of her days like a lonely spinster. Viewers heard her sadly remark that the common empty nest struggle is usually endured with  a partner, a truth that plural marriage erases.  

Sister Wives Catfish Collage

Online scammers look for committed and naively trusting targets. Most people who have read “Sam’s” blog express the same thoughts. What adult  male businessman writes like this, talks like this, or acts like this? While “Sam” interjects convincing evidence into the mix, “his” prose is anything but believable. Meri’s blind devotion to plural marriage made her a needy, sitting duck, and Jackie Overton had to know that Mare was an easy mark. Meri claims to have instantly seen the red flags, and chose to ignore them, for SIX months. Does plural marriage nurture a rationalizing and delusional fantasy life? Meri is now alleging that she was a victim of verbal abuse, a role that she is embracing with curious comfort, and relieved enthusiasm. 

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Viewers of the show know that Kody Brown is the exalted head of the Brown cult-de-sac. Overton kept Meri begging for “Sam’s” time, as the scammer baited the reality star with texts, and then refused her calls. If you listen to the messages, Meri’s subservient pattern comes through loud and clear. Whining apologies are heard over and over, as well as a constant begging for crumbs of attention from “Sam.” Meri’s lifestyle involves a routine nagging for affection from the love in her life, and it certainly appears that “Sam” simply swam into the spot that Kody abandoned. 

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Insecurity also attracts sociopaths, and all of the Brown women have at some point, admitted to strong feelings of inadequacy. Three of the women remain chronically overweight, and several of the children are on the same path.  It seems a no brainier to assume that the constant competition for love  causes lowered self-esteem to thrive. Meri tweets “strong woman” messages all day, but she appears incessantly and painfully weak. 

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Meri and her sister wives have been continuously exposed as glaringly  disconnected, which debunks the core polygamist shtick. When Mare implied that she wanted to leave the family, Robyn almost offered to help her pack, and the clueless Janelle responded with a “sure,” as long as Mare returned by Thanksgiving. One question Janelle…is “Sam” invited? The Browns have epically crashed and burned in their attempt to portray an effectively functioning, family unit. Many fans even believe that Robyn Brown had something to do with the sick romantic ruse. Does polygamy structurally set up competition between the wives, and feed inner family manipulation?

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The giant elephant that is stomping around the Brown compound is Kody’s obvious favoritism for his fourth wife, Robyn. The show has morphed from a polygamist discussion, to a lovingly monogamous tale, colored by a few chunky backup dancers. The Brown crusaders have inadvertently revealed that their multiplied love, is really a divided bust.

The Browns’ goal has been continuously sold as a righteous desire to show America a loving, functional picture of plural marriage. Make no mistake, the Browns have a larger agenda. The lawsuit against Utah is their 19th spawn, and legalizing their cultish lifestyle is their true end game. The catfish scandal has blasted a glaring spotlight on the dangerous perils that exist within the poisonous plural lifestyle. No matter what rhetoric the network tries to ram down our throats, the jig is up. Stick a fork in it, TLC.   


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