‘Sister Wives’ Web of Lies! Meri Brown Hides Secrets About Her Role in The Online Catfish Affair – Will She Come Clean?

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Meri Brown_TLC with love letter

Sister Wives is about to officially wrap, with TLC’s Tell-All episode, set to air Sunday. Meri Brown has broken her weeks long radio silence, and is tweeting heartfelt victim quotes, as she jumps back into the social media saddle.  

The clamor from social media is growing, and fans are demanding the complete story of Meri’s step-away from Kody Brown. Jackie Overton bamboozled Mare with her fake masculine identity, “Sam Cooper,” and carried  on a six affair, that is being chattered about, across America. TLC’s  strategy is in play, but WHY did the network and Meri blur the pre-discovery and post-discovery storylines, during the season finale? 

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Mare led the viewers down a sucker’s path when she implied that she didn’t want to pollute the family’s aired vacation with her tawdry confession. She also claimed that she was in protection mode, even while in Alaska. However, anyone who watched that trip witnessed the most lighthearted Mare we have seen all season. She approached the shocker with the family, only asserting that she needed to go and “do something,” to find happiness and peace. She said that they all may just find her “GONE” one day. The simple truth is that she was planning to bolt from the Brown cult-de-sac, to run off with “Sam.” If Sam was whom he said he was, Mare’s tires would have been squealing out of that compound. Her accusations of “verbal abuse” would have never been uttered. 

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Did Overton trick, and even target Meri? Overton is a con-artist, so yes is the likely answer. However, according to the convincing proof posted by “Sam,” Meri was the one aggressively pursuing time and attention from her secret romeo. Numerous voicemails whine with Mare’s begging for “Sam” to pick up his phone, and talk to her. She gushes over his endless kindness and love. 

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Meri Brown_Pics sent to Catfish_Love Letter_WaterMarked

Meri Browns Catfish....Watermarked Letter 3

Mare also quipped that she began to seek online companionship to battle loneliness, and her “confused emotions.” 

“I got into this place where I was talking to different people on social media, kind of…making friends.”

Was Mare trolling the internet to fill the lonely hole in her heart? “Sam” claims that the first phone call actually came from Mare, after “he” offered her his cellphone number.

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Meri and “Sam” broke it off sometime around the beginning of September. Meri briefly re-followed “Sam” on Twitter twice post-breakup, both instances occurring AFTER All About the Tea broke the story, exposing Overton on September 13th. 

Meri Brown_Catfish_Sister Wives

Meri Brown_Catfish_Sister Wives

Will Meri Brown connect the dots, and come clean to her fans? We know that host Tamron Hall will ask about the voicemails, but there is more to this story that just doesn’t add up. What do you think?


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