No Sympathy! ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Tear Meri Brown’s Victim Act To Shreds & Demand Answers NOW

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Meri and Jackie_Sam_Catfish-Sister Wives

Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, has been un-gagged by TLC, and is back to tweeting about her daily life. Meri is snuggling comfortably into her catfished victim role, and it’s apparent that the TLC strategy is working like a charm. 

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Other alleged victims of Meri’s catfish lover, Jackie Overton, are singing Mare’s praises, and wrapping her in a virtual sister-hug of understanding. Meri was a discarded sad-sack, a virtual sitting duck, and now her 6 month long cheating romance, is being lost in a sea of sympathy.

Meri Brown implies that she was being verbally abused, while in the midst of sending gushing voicemails, and provocative photos. She also implies that she feared for her family, while evidence points to her continuous and almost desperate desire to talk to “Sam,” during those six months.

I have little doubt that Jackie Overton began to lean on Brown, after Meri discovered her shocking and slippery identity. Will Meri come clean, and clarify the timing of her emotional rollercoaster, during the upcoming Tell-All episode? One viewer went there, and posed the question that many are asking, as we ride out this wave of selective disclosure. 

Will the missing piece of the fishy puzzle be honestly revealed this Sunday? Stay tuned, to see if the snookered Meri Brown, comes clean.   


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