‘Sister Wives’ The 5 Biggest Questions in The Meri Brown Catfish Scandal That Remain Unanswered!

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Sister Wives

Sister Wives airs it’s long awaited finale episode tonight, and viewers are expecting to see Meri Brown approach her side of the fishy tale that has eclipsed any TLC invented reality. Robyn legally married Kody, got knocked up, and her kids were adopted in a creepy and disturbing sequence of events. As the Brown clan frolicked around their cult-de-sac, behind the scenes, social media was raging for answers, demanding that the happy polygamists and their network accomplice, come clean. 

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Scandalously, the affair between Mare and “Sam” was ongoing, as the TLC cameras prowled the Brown compound. We watched Mare scowl from the TLC couch, and cringe at Kody’s touch, while vanishing from aired footage for conspicuous chunks of time. 

Sister Wives Catfish Collage

When the extensive exposure made the slippery passion too glaring for the network to ignore, TLC and the Browns presumably powwowed, and came up with a damage controlling strategy to edit into the end of the season. That brings us to where we sit today, awaiting the spin that will define a season of salacious secrets. 

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What are the biggest questions that remain unclear…ones that demand answers, but may never actually see the light of day? 

.1) Who’s the guy in the photo on all of “Samuel Cooper’s” accounts?  Most believe that “Sam” is actually a compilation of a few men, morphed into one perfect, make-believe dreamboat.  Dozens of onlookers have tried to uncover the pictured identity of the 42 year old business tycoon, but to no avail. Jackie posted another cryptically intriguing photo yesterday, clearly panicked to sell the public a dose of convincing testosterone. It was an epic fail, although indeed an amusing one. Will half-face Sam ever be identified?

.2) What exactly was the nature of the intimacy shared between Mare and “Sam?” Theories include phone sex, an escort stand-in, and even a desperate belly flop into the lady pond. Mare will likely deny any in-person contact, but “Sam” insists that sex was part of the dark picture. According to the voicemails, “intimacy” within the relationship, did occur. What is the real truth?

.3) How did Mare discover that her soul-mate was actually an Oklahoma, female con-artist?  “Sam” vaguely clams that “fighting” triggered the breakup. Common sense tells us that a shocking identity discovery was likely the real culprit.  Meri did briefly re-follow “Sam” twice on Twitter, allegedly post-breakup. How did Mare find out that her superhero boyfriend was actually a chunky lesbian scammer, and what went down during the split? 

.4) What was Overton’s end game? She targeted a needy reality star for a reason, so what was her shady mission? Was it the quasi-fame that she is enjoying today? Who paid for the Disney excursions, and did Jackie score any other goodies from Mare’s wet bar, or even her wallet?   

.5) WHAT do the other wives REALLY think about Mare’s sordid 6 month indiscretion? What is the climate in the Brown cult-de-sac? Rumors are flying that Robyn may know more than she’s letting on. Supposedly Jackie as “Lindsay” was close pals with Mare, and is privy to a plethora of family secrets.  Will she spill the tea, when Mare sells the caped crusader down the river? We know that the sister-wives will present a united front, but what is the true inside story?   

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Will Meri Brown settle nicely into the role of vulnerable victim? Will she invite her fans to virtually pat her back and excuse the tawdry misstep, or even more relevant, ignore the farce that her “spiritual marriage” has become? What are your biggest questions? 


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