EXCLUSIVE: Bryson Bryant’s Alleged Baby Mama Symone Davis Lied About Paternity Of Their Son ‘That’s Not Bryson’s Baby’

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Symone Davis

Bryson Bryant you are NOT the father!

Bryson Bryant’s alleged love child with Symone Davis, is not his son, AllAboutTheTEA.com can confirm.

“That’s not Bryson’s baby. She was f*cking Bryson and three other men when she got pregnant with Blaze.” A friend of Symone Davis tells AllAboutTheTEA.com exclusively. “She told me that Bryson is not Blaze’s daddy. She said his real father is in jail.”

The source continues, “This is why she [Symone Davis] has yet to get a DNA test or take Bryson to court for child support. She knows he’s not the father and wants to keep the charade going.”

Bryson Bryant

Symone Davis has been the most vocal of all of Bryson’s baby mamas and has labeled NeNe Leakes’ son a deadbeat dad. 

Bryson doesn’t believe Blaze is his child but when he’s not high, he treats the boy like a son and gives her [Symone Davis] a little pocket change for his care.” The source revealed to AllAboutTheTEA.com.

Bryson Bryant

As reported, Symone Davis has dragged The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, NeNe Leakesfor not acknowledging and financially supporting her son, Blaze Davis, 2, since his birth. 

“Symone is after NeNe’s money and wants on that show really bad. That’s all she talks about — being famous and rich.”

Symone Davis

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In December, NeNe Leakes purchased the lavish 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house for Bryson’s 30th birthday — and the generous gift set Symone off.

Nene Leakes

She blasted NeNe on Instagram, claiming Bryson “can’t take care of himself,” on Friday, Dec. 27.

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Symone Davis also claimed that the reality TV diva bought the home for “her image.”

“Why would a woman buy a grown a** man a house?” Symone asked her Instagram followers in her video, claiming NeNe will pay Bryson’s utilities as well.

Nene Leakes

“F*** NeNe. F*** her money,” she said. Press play to watch below.

Symone Davis spilled tea about Bryson in a lengthy Instagram rant back in October — exposing his cocaine use and much more.

“Then I get messages from all type of bitches saying they seen him doing cocaine & in motels.” Symone Davis wrote. “So I say nvm to doing anything with him. Now here we are another year & Blaze bday comes. He told everyone he was coming to Blaze party…did he show, NOPE! Did he call to tell Bk Happy Birthday, NOPE! But days later calls me asking when am I ovulating so we have another child. The mf ain’t bought a sock, diaper, pull up, bottle, happy meal, nothing for Blaze. Yet is always asking me for money or to order him a pizza bc he’s hungry.” She wrote.

Bryson Bryant

Do you believe Bryson Bryant is the father of Symone Davis’ baby? Sound off in the comments below!

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