NeNe Leakes Being Shakedown For Money By Bryson Bryant’s Baby Mama Over Secret Grandson!

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Bryson Bryant’s Baby Mama Shakes Down NeNe Leakes!


NeNe Leakes is being exploited by a woman claiming to be the baby mama of a secret child by Bryson Bryant.

Symone Davis, 27, claims she had a fling with NeNe’s eldest son, Bryson Bryant, 28, that produced a baby boy. The little boy is 1-years-old — and according to the mom, the Real Housewives of Atlanta will not acknowledge her alleged grandson.

“It’s so sad, she wants nothing to do with her grandson,” Symone Davis told Radar Online. “She’s so selfish, and only cares about herself and her fame.”

She continues: “Nene wants to keep my baby a secret,” Davis continued. “She has some nerve, and told me she thinks I’m an opportunist and that she doesn’t want me to have any fame from her name. It’s crazy because I used to like her and be cool with her. I’ve been to her house, we’ve partied together. She was cool at first but now that I’ve had a baby by her son, she switched up.”

The desperate mom, who is an interior designer, claims that the baby daddy is a deadbeat and refuses to pay child support for his son, Blaze Kai Davis, despite numerous requests for support.

And since the father won’t step up, Symone feels the child’s rich grandmother should financially support her supposed grand baby.

“Nene needs to humble herself,” Davis said. “She didn’t come from money, and now that she has some, she’s so full of herself. I would love for her to have a relationship with her grandson, but I think it’s past that. She’s mean and she’s not happy.”

NeNe does proudly claim Bryson Bryant’s older child, 6-year-old daughter Bri’asia, with ex-girlfriend Ashley Hill. 

Do you believe NeNe Leakes is a deadbeat grandma for not supporting Bryson Bryant’s alleged son? Sound off in the comments!


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